Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Coffee, friendship & writing

On Monday, I took myself off to Manchester for the day to meet a very good friend of mine. It's weird that I write that, because we've only briefly met once at a concert, yet I feel like I've known her for years. It's even stranger to think that Monday was our official first meeting because we have been chatting/skyping for years. I think it just works so well because we are in fact, very similar people and therefore know exactly how to challenge and reassure each other.

We spoke all day long, whilst of course, enjoying good coffee and sushi. There is something amazing about this friend of mine though, because she manages to question me on everything I need questioning about. I am very good at putting all of those I don't know thoughts to the back of my mind, locking them away and throwing away the keys - which in essence is a terrible idea. One thing that has made me think is how I don't write any more. When I was ill, I used to write everyday without fail. I have a draw full of diaries that I'm too scared to touch for the fear of remembering all of those dark moments. I made a deal with myself that I'd eventually have to stop writing because if I always wrote about being ill then I'd essentially always be ill.

I wrote a handwritten diary and I wrote on this blog, both of which have stopped really. I produce work/content on here now which is writing but it's not writing like I used to, and I miss it. My problem though, as I explained to my friend, is that when I come to write I find that I have nothing to say. The irony being that I have a busy life, so I really have so much to write about. The difference between now and then though, is that now I am happy and I'm content with my life. It's so much easier to write when you are moaning or ranting about something because that's how writing helps. It's a therapeutic exercise which allows you to let off some steam or just gather your thoughts in one place. But what happens when you don't need to do that?

I love blogging but I am beginning to find it all a little too materialistic. Don't get me wrong, I love using blogs like magazines; to see what's in the shops or what's fashionable right now, but I much prefer reading about personal stories. I care more for the person who is writing than I do for a wish list or piece of clothing.

If opportunities come along, then sure I may take them, but for now this blog is returning to what it once was. A place for me to write and to follow my life.

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Unknown said...

I loved this post and I'm glad you've decided to start writing again, that's partly why I started my blog too, and like you I always kept written diaries as well as online blogs. I love lifestyle posts the most, when you really get to see the person behind the blog, rather than the impersonal fashion/make up ones (although I love them too and am guilty of posting my own) I'm glad you had a lovely day out and you can't beat good friends (and sushi!)

Lucy x- Yellowicing

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