Saturday, 31 December 2016

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I am not really a believer of new years resolutions. I believe you can use any time to change your life or try something new. However, I am very aware that people see the new year as a fresh start, and a time to 'try again', so rather than set unrealistic resolutions, here's what I aim to achieve in 2017.

-Drink more water.

Pretty self-explanatory but instead of starting my day with two coffees, I want to start with two coffees and a glass of water.

- Buy less shit

I am such a good saver but over the last few months, I've saved less and spent more money on clothes. Of course, I love clothes and won't give this up completely as it's not realistic but putting money aside for a holiday (or something similar) will be more beneficial.

- Finish year one of my masters degree

Show up. Complete the assignments. Probably cry a bit. Probably stress out a bit. Probably laugh a bit. Make it through to July.

- Keep on doing what I'm doing

You know what, 2016 wasn't bad at all for me and god forbid I say this as a female in today's society, but I actually like who I am, and what I do. So I just want to keep on, keeping on. Enjoy the ride, live in the moment and see where life takes me.

Happy New Year everyone. Stay safe and have a good one!
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2016 Summary

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

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I know everyone is thinking 2016 has been one of the most disastrous years so far but for me personally, 2016 as arguably been the best year of my life.

I spent January - April, volunteering and travelling in Sri Lanka. It was one of life's most amazing learning experiences, and if I could go back and do it all again, I would. I met my now best friend on this trip, I swam in the most amazing waters, climbed a mountain and just learned to appreciate life 1000000x more than I did beforehand.

I then came home and spent my summer working for my other best friend. A bittersweet experience but a huge learning curve in terms of helping me understand my chosen career path. During this time I also rejoined a musical theatre society, and started rehearsing for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. I also went to Edinburgh to see Nicole and V Festival with my friend Kitty, which was amazing!

September was when I started my MA in social work. It's been hard going, time has flown and to be honest, I don't know how I've made it to December without falling into a hibernation sleep. But as hard as it is (and trust me, I thought with a first class degree, it would be a piece of cake. WRONG.), I love every minute of it. I also performed on stage again, met some more amazing people and just loved life in general.

October - December has flown by in a blink of an eye. I was cast as Cinderella, which I'm performing next month! I've been to London, Sheffield, blogged, shopped, been to Uni, went to Scarefest, eaten out, walked miles on Pokemon GO.. you name it, I've done it.

2016 is probably the best year of my life because I decided to start living it and say yes.
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Friction Free Shaving

Monday, 26 December 2016

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Here's something you wouldn't know about me. I hate having hairy legs. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with letting hair grow, I'm just not that person. I'm the girl who shaves throughout the whole of winter whilst most are hiding away under leggings and thick socks. Part of me wishes I didn't bother, but I do.

I've read a lot about Friction Free Shaving recently, and when I realised they're based only 10 minutes from my house, I got in touch wondering if they wanted to collab (and they did!). I think this company is actually fabulous - they have designed a subscription box with a razor blade and 4 new blades in, for maximum £7 a month which is a bargain.

There are 3 blades to choose from; Faye, Franke (3 blades) and Samantha (5 blades).  The one pictured is Samantha, and it's rose gold so obviously this is a winner already. This razor is £7 per month but you can cancel whenever you want, so you aren't tied down to anything!

I didn't know this but you're supposed to change your blade each week - however I'm a cheapskate so that's not happened thus far. Replacing your razor is so much more hygienic though and this is an affordable way of doing it!

I was also sent some coconut shaving cream, and no joke, my legs have never been smoother. This combination is honestly the best I've ever come across for silky legs.

I know, I know, this is a sponsored post. But honestly, I LOVE this product and the subscription element. Even my stepdad is debating on subscribing despite it being a female brand. This is definitely something I'd try out!
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'Twas the night before Christmas..

Saturday, 24 December 2016

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Before you all head offline to see family members, buy those final few presents and watch Christmas films, I just wanted to take the chance to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and thank you for reading this little blog. I sincerely mean it when I say that it means the world to me when someone stops by; this blog is about helping others and creating a bit of happiness, so if I've achieved that with just one person, then I am also happy. I hope your festive season is filled with love and happiness, and I hope you all stay safe.

Have a good one guys and I'll see you on the other side!

P.S Happy Birthday Auntie Carol! xx

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Christmas thoughts

Sunday, 18 December 2016

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I haven't done an eating disorder post on here in forever.

But, I think it's important to acknowledge that Christmas is perhaps the hardest time of year for some. I know it was for me when I was overwhelmed by an eating disorder so I wanted to write about it.

I don't know how many Christmases this will be since recovering. I think the lines between ill and recovered are extremely blurry but this definitely isn't the first one, and the further along I go, the more I realise that Christmas isn't actually about food.

I know, I know - easy for me to say now. There's turkey to buy, boxes of celebrations, quality street and roses open, minces pies being eaten. There's advent calendars every morning, mulled wine being poured and Grandad's snoring in a food coma at 4pm on Christmas day. Not about food, Samantha?

No, actually it's not. Of course, I can see how it can be. I know there will be hundreds of people planning how to eat as little as possible with Nan forcing more roast potatoes on your plate. I know some of you will be panicking, wondering how you can escape to the toilet without anyone noticing. Can I go for the 6 mile run this morning? I can burn x amount for everyone gets up? How? If? But? Why?

I've been there. It's hard. Really f*cking hard. But what I've realised is that your loved ones actually just want you to be happy on Christmas day. They know that you probably won't accept a chocolate offer or want to eat those roast potatoes, but they offer because you'll take offence if they leave you out. They probably don't care if you leave pudding because they are too interested in how many helpings they can now have as a result. They are more happy knowing that you're at the dinner table with them for the first time all year, and you're joining in with that game of monopoly.

When I think back, it was me who put pressure on myself to be perfect on Christmas day. But what even is that? Is eating one million calories on Christmas day perfect? If it is, then I don't do that now either, mostly because it's uncomfortable! I enjoy myself more because I join in. I'm there and I'm present. For me, Christmas isn't about food but rather love, family and giving.

I hope it can be for you too.
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Christmas with Caseapp & Giveaway!

Thursday, 15 December 2016

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There's something about a new case, isn't there? Whether it's for you iPhone, laptop or tablet, a new case makes me feel like a sassy business woman.

If you're still stuck for Christmas gifts, a new case could be the perfect thing. Case app recently got in touch with me, and ever since my previous collab with them, I've loved their products.

This time though, I thought I'd design a phone case for my iPhone 6s and a MacBook skin as a present. Case app allows you to either choose a template design or upload your own so I went onto pinterest and fell in love with this image. I'm currently using a Cinderella phone case for obvious reasons but as soon as the show is over, I'll be using this one!

For the MacBook skin, I choose this black marble one which is already available on the Case app website, but added some initials in the corner to make it more personalised. I really like how it's turned out and I know the recipient does too!

I was actually sent two of these phone cases so as a little thank you to you guys, I shall be giving one 'more issues than vogue' case away as a Christmas present! The giveaway is open to anyone living in the UK, and I shall draw the winner on Christmas day. If you win and would like me to email you, make sure you leave your email in the comments :)

Also if you want to make your own, case app are giving my readers 20% off with code KNOWNOW20 :)

*post was done in collaboration with
case app but all views are my own!
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Christmas time in Sheffield

Sunday, 11 December 2016

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2 weekends to go, and this weekend I've been up north to see how Sheffield does Christmas.

I couldn't help myself with this shot - Greys anatomy anyone?

I'll be honest, I don't have many local friends any more. Illness, university moves and travelling has left me with friends here, there and everywhere. However, it's not something I resent. In fact, someone said I live a cosmopolitan lifestyle, the other day, and I'll take that!

So, yesterday I went to visit a friend who I spent three months of my time with when I was in Sri Lanka. She lives near Sheffield, and as I've never been to Sheffield, I thought it was about time I did.

In terms of what we did, well we didn't do much. I've done all of my Christmas shopping now and didn't fancy carrying anything else so although we went around all of the city shops, I didn't buy anything. We did, however, eat sushi, marvel at all of the Christmas decorations, drink tea and talk all day long. Pure bliss.

I still haven't been to Meadowhall but neither one of us wanted to brave that at this time of year, so it gives me another reason to go back! Sheffield overall though, is like no other city I've ever been to. It felt more like a village - a really large village - so worth stopping by if you haven't before.
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Christmas Gift Guide for Beauty Lovers

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

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I'm back with another gift guide today, but this time it's more specific!

I've finished and wrapped all of my Christmas gifts now but I've been talking to more women recently, and these things come out near the top of the list!

Benefit make up seems to be a real winner this year, especially their concealers. I also think the Urban Decay Naked Palette is a lovely one for anyone who is addicted to rose gold like I am. MAC lipsticks are always a lovely treat for women too!

In terms of washing/skin care, I think soap & glory, and burt's bee's have nailed this year and I'm currently loving the banana hand cream from Burt's Bee's - it smells delicious.

Finally, for anyone in need of new hair products, these copper ghd's are stunning. I don't even need new ghd's but wouldn't complain if I received these! And lastly, there are some really great hairdryers on the market this year, and obviously this is an essential in anyone's life!

*This post was sponsored but all opinions are my own.

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Christmas time in London

Monday, 5 December 2016

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This post is more of a photo diary for myself to look back on in a few years, but yesterday I went to London and it was one of the best days I've had in ages. There's something about London that draws me to visit every now and then, and going at Christmas time was something I'd never done before.

I thought it would be ridiculously busy but actually, it was completely tolerable! We went on the train and spent the day shopping/walking down Oxford before heading to Hyde Park for the Winter Wonderland!

I wasn't feeling too festive before going, what with Uni assessments and everything (I passed today though so roll on Christmas now!), but the Winter Wonderland was just so perfect. We had a decoration made, had a wander around the stalls and fair, and warmed up by the open fire. Perfection.

A short but sweet post, but if you are ever thinking about visiting London at Christmas time, I can't recommend it enough. Such a good day out!
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Thursday, 1 December 2016

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Advent calendars - Cinderella rehearsals - university assignments - present wrapping - Christmas songs - tacky jumpers - scented candles - hot chocolate - the best movies - cosy nights around the fire - pom pom hats - glistening lights - Christmas spirit - mince pies - tree decorating - tinsel - red & gold nail polish - festive city breaks - family - frosty mornings - primark pyjamas - mistletoe - red lipstick - open fires - crackers - terrible jokes - laughter - baubles - old memories - new memories - Harry Potter - lindt chocolate - party dresses - childish excitement - magical surprises - enjoying the moment.

December, I'm ready for you.
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Black Friday Hacks

Thursday, 24 November 2016

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It's only Thursday and I'm feeling pretty smug that I waited for the Black Friday sales to get a Christmas present for 30% off.

Oh Black Friday; the shopper's dream, the bank balance's nightmare. I think this weekend turns the shopping world into each man for themselves arena, so I've put together a few tips!

1. Do it ALL online. There is no way on earth I am setting foot in a shop this weekend. It will be crazy busy and if you're anything like me, large crowds in shopping centres are the most annoying thing when it comes to shopping. Also, it's worth nothing that there will be more vouchers/free delivery codes online, especially on cyber monday... so you may as well stay in bed this weekend!

2. Buy Christmas presents. This is the last sale before Christmas, so if you haven't started, or like me, wanted to buy something expensive for someone - this weekend is the time to do it.

3. Set up and log into shop accounts. For example, I want a new pair of topshop jeans this weekend and I am hoping there will be more codes as the weekend goes on so I've logged into my topshop account today so I can avoid all the logging in when the servers are extremely busy and more likely to crash on me.

4. Do you really want it? I know it's a huge saving but would you have bought it anyway? If the answer is no, you probably wouldn't have even thought about buying it in the first place and you'll actually be chucking money away instead of saving. Just stop and think about whether you're simply buying into the sale extravaganza.

5. Go to bed early or stay up for midnight. If you are hitting the shops, you want to be there as early as possible.. or if you're shopping online, it will go live at midnight so probably worth staying up for!

6. Use cash back websites to get a better saving. Websites such as topcashback can save you even more money, and it's so free and easy to sign up!

7. Do your research & follow brands on social media. Have a look around today at what you might want to buy and follow your favourite brands on twitter, Facebook, snapchat, instagram. It's definitely the most up to date way of getting the deals!

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Sunday, 20 November 2016

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A mother hasn't fed her baby for days and has now rushed to hospital, fearing the worst.

Awful, right?

A husband cheats on his wife.

Dirty scum?

A Father is repeatedly abusing his daughter.


Three completely different situations. Can you work with those individuals? Love them? Help them?

Let me re-phrase..

A mother hasn't fed her baby for days because the man she loved kicked her out and she has nowhere to go, no family or no money. She turned up at A&E because she didn't know what else to do despite fearing she'd lose her baby.

A husband cheats on his wife with his childhood sweetheart. He's been doing this for years because his family arranged his marriage to a woman he'd never met and he doesn't have it in him to tell her that he has never nor will he ever love her.

A father is repeatedly abusing his daughter because it's his way of showing love. He was abused himself as a child and that's all he knows.

I'm not saying these situations are excusable but one thing I am learning is, that we, as human beings, are very quick to judge. We jump to conclusions without knowing the context of an individual's life; the whats, ifs, hows and whys of this world. It's very difficult to work, help or love someone who has done something that goes completely against your personal morals but by simply talking, questioning and trying to understand why, could give you a whole new stance on something.

If there's one thing that social work has reinforced to me, is that we all have a past. We all have a story. Remember that there is context to everything, the next time you hear something difficult.
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Christmas Gift Guide for Him

Thursday, 17 November 2016

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I think men are harder to buy for than women. Period.

That, combined with living in an age in which no one waits until Christmas to have something but actually just goes out and buys it for themselves, makes it bloody hard to buy presents for men. However, I'm quite proud of myself because I've actually found some ideas!

I think clothes are always easy (if you know the guy you're buying for). Jumpers, shoes, underwear, hats... usually a winner in there somewhere!

I've included the pokemon go wrist watch, for anyone still obsessed playing the game and also a lunch box - because is it just me or do men seem to spend more money on lunches than women? They'll start to thank you when they save £20 a week.

The final suggestion is an e-cigarette starter kit, which could be useful for anyone who is wanting to quit smoking but doesn't feel as though they can go cold turkey. This would be a great way to start giving up!

Failing these ideas, just ask them to buy something and then pay them back..

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Christmas Gift Guide for Her

Monday, 14 November 2016

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I don't know about you, but I get most of my Christmas gift buying inspiration from blogs and bloggers these days. I bought a magazine the other day, mostly for the free nail polish, and it was shit. 

So, here's my take on a Christmas gift guide for her. Pretty much all my favourite things but #sorrynotsorry. There is something for beauty and fashion lovers here though so I'm covering more than one base.

Failing this, a trip to disney world will probably go down well or a topshop voucher so she can buy her own favourite pair of joni jeans!

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Writing For The Sake Of It

Saturday, 12 November 2016

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It's November 12th and I've just realised I've not written a word on here this month, which is pretty shocking. It's not that I don't have time because I do; I just don't feel like I have anything to say any more.

Life has become a whirlwind. These days I can be found rushing across Birmingham for a train, snuggling up to watch Orphan Black, learning the law and social work values, and playing Princess in between. And I love it all. I'm tired and some days I don't want to leave my bed but give me a day off and I genuinely don't know what to do with myself.

I'm becoming increasingly aware that perhaps putting my personal life online has served it's purpose, 5 years of purpose nonetheless. Writing doesn't have that therapeutic element to it at the moment and logging my life on here doesn't seem as interesting, yet something always draws me back. Like right now, I am willing myself to write because I love this space.

I don't know how it's 12th November already but so far, it's been okay. Life is happening and I'm trying my best to enjoy every moment.

Today was one of those days; a rare day with my best friend in Manchester. The city was beautifully decorated and I know can't help but feel quite excited for the lead up to Christmas!

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Scarefest 2016

Monday, 31 October 2016

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Happy Halloween folks!

Not going to lie, I'm getting so bored of blogging now. I don't really have much to say these days because I am 100% busy all of the time. And even that's a lie, because I've just had a week off but I still don't feel like I've really stopped.

However, I actually did something blog worthy yesterday, and that was going to Scarefest at Alton Towers!

If you haven't heard of Alton Towers, it's a major theme park in the UK and each year, hosts it's infamous Scarefest event for Halloween.

I've been to Alton Towers a few times because I live fairly close but never for Halloween, and so I had NO idea what to expect.

As well as the normal rides, Alton Towers puts on other scare events, decorates the park beautifully and hires actors/actresses to scare the living daylights out of you. I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so went on all of the 'thrill' rides first before heading to our slot in the Halloween mazes.

So, the mazes. There were quite a few but we only did two of them because I was freeeeezing. I don't know why, but we opted for the scariest one first, and actually I'm glad we did because I was terrified ha.

I perhaps wouldn't read ahead if you're going and don't want it ruining, but basically you have to be prepared to do it alone and I was alone from the start, which I hated. You enter the maze as a group and then an actress pushed me into a door labelled two (there were three doors). I then just started walking, praying to just get the f*ck out of there. The difference with this maze was that the actors could touch you and at one point, I was stuck in a pitch black corner with a woman hugging me. I wouldn't say I get scared easily but I really didn't enjoy it!

I did manage to find my way out, obviously, but at the end, you're chased out by a guy with a chainsaw. I laughed so much afterwards but I honestly hated the whole thing!

The second one wasn't as bad because you got to stay in your group and had to hold onto the person in front of you but as you walked through that maze, things just jumped out at you, people followed you around and come right up to your face. An experience I'll do without in future!

Overall though, it was a really good day, and despite being terrified, I think that's the whole point. Alton Towers definitely did a good job at hosting Halloween and I'd definitely recommend it!
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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

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When I was 16, I auditioned for the part of Liat in the musical south pacific. Let's just put it this way, I didn't get the part because I was essentially told I was too fat, but instead came away with a 4 year battle with anorexia. Of course, that's over simplistic and it wasn't THE reason, but it stuck as a huge trigger in my mind. 

Fast forward to October 2016. I've rejoined a musical group, and I've been there long enough to audition for a part again; the show is Cinderella.

I LOVE musical theatre. There isn't nothing I don't enjoy more than watching a huge production on stage, singing along to the songs or dancing to one in my bedroom. It's not the coolest of things but it really do love it.

I also love being on stage.

I love it when the lights shine upon you, the buzz from the audience, the way the microphone is taped to your face because people are coming to see you. You actually do feel like a superhero. I sound like I'm exaggerating, and when those nerves hit you pre-show, it's all pretty questionable, but I'm going to stand by what I say.

Last night was the Cinderella audition. I've spent weeks debating whether I can even audition because a) what happens if I'm rejected and the same thing happens? and b) I'm up against the same lady who was cast the part I wanted when I was 16. Dejavu or what?!

Tears, nerves and fear aside, eventually my stubbornness surfaced and I auditioned. Not the best audition; the song I was asked to sing was not how I wanted to sing it (thanks nerves!), however..


Feels so weird to even write that but you know what guys? Feel the fear and do it anyway. I've learned something too - it's not about how many times you fail, the important thing is that you do not give up.
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Go Ahead Snacking

Sunday, 23 October 2016

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When it comes to 4pm, I definitely need a pick me up. And as much as I'd love to start cutting up apple chunks and dipping them into peanut butter everyday, I'm usually running across Birmingham for a train so it's not always feasible. Sometimes you really do just need something for on the go.

If you've not heard of or seen Go Ahead snacks and live in the UK, I feel like you've been living in a hole because they've been around forever. In line with the launch of a few new products, they recently sent me a huge box full of snacks to try! You can't say no to free food when you're a student, can you?

As much as I joke, Go Ahead snacks are probably not something I'd choose BUT my brother on the other hand loves them so he was my guinea pig here.. blame him if you don't like them!

Go Ahead's premise is to provide a range of delicious, satisfying snacks that are all carefully portioned so that you can snack smart - and to be honest, I do quite like the idea of portion control when it comes to snacking.

Anyway, Go Ahead make a variety of snacks; yogurt breaks, crispy slices, fruity bakes and their newest edition to the range; cookie bites.

Firstly I was sent the cookie bites which come in chocolate & orange, and white chocolate & raspberry, and are essentially mini cookies.. which went down a treat!

Then we had the crispy slices which remind me a garibaldi biscuits and come in loads of flavours so you're bound to find something to suit your tastebuds. We had apple and orange!

Finally, I was sent the fruity bakes and yogurt breaks. I remember the apple bakes being my favourite as a kid because they taste like apple pie.. I bet you could even microwave these and they'd be all warm and gooey. My brother also said the yogurt breaks were good for breakfast for those who are rushing out of the door with food in hand, and these were in cherry and tropical!

I think this range is so vast, there is something for everyone here and although they perhaps are deceivingly high in sugar, these snacks are better than your average chocolate bar so maybe an alternative for those of you looking for a portion controlled, healthier substitute?

Happy snacking!

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Jewellery with James Viana

Thursday, 20 October 2016

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I don't know about you, but I actually feel a little bit naked without any jewellery on?!

I always wear my watch, rings, bracelets and necklace (this sentences makes me sound so materialistic but it's true that I always have them on).

Sometimes jewellery can make a great gift for someone, provides sentiment or can be something you can buy yourself and every time you look at your hand etc you like 'dayummm girl, I'm an independent woman' which is what I mostly do!

With Christmas looming though, I'm definitely on the look out for gifts and one brand that sells really, lovely pieces are James Viana. They do a range of silver jewellery, from rings to earrings to necklaces - perfect for any mother, girlfriend, sister or other female relation!

I was lucky enough to receive this sterling silver ring with citrine gemstones. Now, if I'm honest, citrine isn't something I would personally choose but I do know women who would love this as a gift. It fits my hand perfectly though, and you can tell the jewellery has been designed and crafted really well.

What I do like about James Viana, is that their mission is to help every woman look and feel great, so for every piece sold, they share 10% of their profits with charities who work on causes for women. So, if you do purchase something, you know you're doing a good thing too!

There is a sale online at the moment too, and if you are interested in any of their pieces, James Viana are giving my readers and exclusive 20% off with the code 'JVBO20%', which lasts until 31st December 2016! So if you're after early Christmas presents, you're covered here!

*This post was sponsored by James Viana but all opinions are my own.
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My Current Travel Bucket List

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

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I think with the recent decline in weather and the realisation that I can't really go on holiday until June/July 2017, I've been thinking about travel and holidays 100 times more than usual.

So, cue bucket list!

1. Croatia

Basically this has come from hours spent on pinterest and drooling over how beautiful it looks! I've not actually been to many places in Europe, or not as many as I'd like to have visited anyway, and this looks ideal. The look of an aqua sea and nearby cities to explore appears to be perfect.

2. Budapest

And on the same wave length, the city of Budapest just calls to me. I know every blogger and their mom has been here, and yes I want to be cliched and go too, but can you blame me?!

3. Iceland

I'm not sure why this is on my list but I want to visit the blue lagoon and northern lights SO badly. I think I'm mesmerised by stunningly beautiful blue water.. the only thing is, I have raynauds so I'm not sure that going to somewhere freezing cold is going to sit well with me?!

4. Australia

I think ever since I can remember, I've wanted to go to Oz. I mean, it just has it all doesn't it?! Sydney, the opera house, the great barrier reef, Melbourne, BBQ's on the beach, the rainforests, kangaroos... I need to go.

5. Bali

This one is mostly on this list because I actually got uber jealous of everyone who went on travelling after our Sri Lanka trip, when I returned home. A lot of them went to Bali and the pictures were just incredible! Give me a sunset, beautiful temple and good company, and I'm sold.

I'd also love to know what's on your bucket list right now as I'm always on the look out for new places to eye up!
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Adult Friendship

Thursday, 6 October 2016

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I've been thinking about writing a post on making friends as an adult for a while now but when I read this post by Jasmin recently, I was like yep, need to do that.

The thing is, when you stop and ask yourself how many friends you've made as an adult, is it really that many?

Taking my own situation into account here, and going off the fact I've been thrown into a new environment where I'm having to make new friends, I've realised that making friends as adults is hard. It's not like when you're a child where you have no inhibitions, no pre-judgements, and no other commitments.. it's another ball game. You actually have to sort of 'click' with that person, in a way in which your comfortable being yourself around - something that can potentially take years.

But actually, I've been lucky in that I've got another chance to make more friends as an adult because most of us don't have that. At school, you're thrown into an educational environment and you know you're going to be with these people for would could be the next 11 years. Let's face it, most of us make our longest and best friends here.

But what if you move away after your school years?

How, in 2016, do we as adults make new friends? Online? Societies? Through work?

It's really not easy. People already have established friendship groups and approaching that can sometimes be intimidating.

And most importantly, those friendships that perhaps you made at school actually now require effort. You know, you actually have to arrange to see someone now or text them because life has carried on and we don't turn up to the same Maths class any more.

So like Jasmin, I'm genuinely interested in what other people think on this topic because in 2016, I genuinely don't know you go about beginning to make new friends as an adult.

Ironically, I actually met my best friend now this year, but that's besides the point, right?
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Autumn Wishlist

Monday, 3 October 2016

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I've actually spent most of this weekend online mooching. I say mooching, because I bought 3 things; all of them with student discount, and one is my first Christmas present! I feel festive already, it's very odd. Anyway, I found loads of things I'd buy if I had a limitless amount of money but I'm now a student again #firstworldproblems.

I don't usually wear converse any more but I'm in love with their new nude converse range. And I seem to be sucked in by all of the berry, brown and nude tones lately. I don't actually need anything but does a girl ever need clothes? Always.

I have ordered this iris ear cuff on Saturday too. I've had a few new piercings in the last few months and I've been wanting to try one out for ages. I just think there is a fine line between beautiful and tacky.. I'll update you when it arrives!

I also want to note that I'm so proud of myself this morning; I've actually worked out how to make a wish list all professional looking!

Hope you all have a lovely week.
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Letters to my Fanny

Saturday, 1 October 2016

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Letters to my Fanny by Cherry Healey

If you are after a light hearted, feel good book, then this is it.

Sometimes on your early morning commute or after a long day, the last thing you want is to start reading heavy literature (there is a time and place, of course), but I'd been after something with a little comedy and interest, and I'm not going to lie, the title sold it to me.

In this book, Cherry writes an open letter to her body parts (bum, boobs, hands, mouth, brain etc), expressing criticism but mostly gratitude for what they have done for her. She shares stories of her life, and notes the life lessons she's learnt along the way, touching on motherhood, growing up, friendship, heartbreak.. y'know? The usual life events.

It's a book I would pass onto other women in my life, especially those who lack confidence because this really is both an enjoyable read, good laugh and self esteem boost all in one.

It's an extremely relatable book, and I'm quite glad I agree with Cherry already on most things despite only being 22, but I know many young women who would benefit from reading this - I promise your time won't be wasted!
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