Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Saving Money This Christmas

I don't know about you but at Christmas time, I have this inner personal struggle between wanting to spend loads of money on the people I love, and actually not wanting to spend a penny. Thing is, I'm a natural saver. I don't buy myself something unless I really need or want to, and I'd much rather save half of my wages than spend it on nights out, because yunno I'd rather be buying a house in future..

However as a perfectionist, I don't really keep an eye out on how much things are but rather I always make sure I've bought someone something I know they'll love. The look on their face is always worth it in my opinion! But, along with TransPennine express, we do have a few helpful tips which make the blow a little easier..

1. Loyalty cards. I think I have every loyalty card under the sun to be honest and I don't even use half of them, but it's always good to have them just in case, right? Boots is probably my favourite, alongside costa because you're bound to get something free eventually!

2. Sales and vouchers. Definitely take advantage of voucher codes, promotions and sales! Voucher codes is always worth checking out before you buy something online or even before you go out for a meal somewhere! Also, things like NUS student discount and 02 priority moments are great - I got a box of cards worth £6, for free the other day!

3. Set an amount and stick to it. I think this applies more to when I go out, but if you haven't got the money with you, you can't spend it, can you? Only take out what you're willing to spend and that way, it's impossible to spend more!

4. Put a little away each week. So this is more for next year now but usually around October, I put £10 away each week in a jar for Christmas. It's not a noticeable amount but when it comes to December and you open the jar, you'd be surprised by how much easier the Christmas shopping is!

5. DIY. Yep, do it yourself! Christmas baking, home made gifts or cards.. turn something into a fun, less expensive activity. It's far cheaper and much more enjoyable to make something yourself, especially festive edible treats! The kitchen always smells pretty great afterwards too ;)
*In   collaboration with  TransPennine  Express

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