Sunday, 20 December 2015

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses*

It's the wrong time of year for this post but it's less than one month before I get myself on a plane and fly to Sri Lanka, so for me, this post is completely relevant.

We all have those little things that make you, you. For example, I never leave my house without a generous spray of Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume - I wouldn't be me without it! So when the Sunglasses shop kindly got in touch, asking if I'd like to choose a pair, a) I couldn't say no and b) it had to be Marc Jacobs because he is definitely one of the most iconic designers of today. Since 2000, Marc by Marc Jacobs has brought a more nonchalant and youthful vision to the brand, with his  quirky, vivid and signature sunglasses bringing humour and a fashion forward aesthetic to the New York catwalk. How can anyone say no to that?

The Sunglasses Shop stocks so many women's sunglasses, including brands such a Ray-ban, Alexander McQueen, Michael Kors, DKNY etc. Basically, you name it and they probably have it! However, just the reason I've just mentioned, I went for Marc Jacobs! It took me a while actually but I went for this classic pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses in milky black, and I LOVE them.

They are probably classified as a cat eye shape but I love that it's quite subtle and pretty much suits any face shape. The also came in this really sleek box with the designer name printed on the opening. (I know you can kinda see my face in the lens, sorry about that!)

The glasses themselves are black all over with a tiny milky corner and the words etched in silver. I was going to pick a bright pink pair and go a little OTT but I'm so glad I went for these instead.. my 30 year old self will approve, I think!

I can't wait to wear these in Sri Lanka now. I'm definitely going to try and pretend I'm cool and fashionable.. and most probably fail pretty miserably! But on a serious note, I really do love these. I think they'd make an awesome gift for Christmas as well, for those who are still yet to begin Christmas shopping or have no idea what to buy a loved one. These would definitely be great to open!
*These were sent to me in exchange for a review
but all opinions are my own!

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The Style Rawr said...

Marc by Marc Jacobs is one of my favourite brands and I love the shape! You made me chuckle with your 30 comment, I turn 30 in a few weeks and I'm totally up for crazy colour sunnies Hahahaha!

T x

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