Friday, 4 December 2015

Cosy Winter Nights

I don't know about you, but when the cold winter nights draw in, I find it harder and harder to want to go out in the evening. Cosy warm nights by the fire, hot chocolate in hand will always beat a night out in a skimpy little dress, freezing to death.

At the moment, it just so happens to be BFI's LOVEseason in partnership with Plusnet, which is a nationwide campaign aimed at helping us Brit's enjoy a cosy winter night in with a soppy love film. Plusnet were kind enough to send me my own box full of goodies so that I can easily enjoy a night in this winter.

The box included the DVD My Best Friend's Wedding, one which was nice because I'd not seen it before, alongside some popcorn to enjoy whilst watching the film! Then there were some beauty products so that you can turn the night into a pamper session too, made up of a face mask, face wipes, a headband and eye mask! Oh and some tissues for those people who cry easily at films! All in all, I think the box is perfect for a girlie night in with your friends.

Some of my other favourites to watch this season are Love Actually, The Holiday and Bridget Jones, and I think this film fits nicely into that selection of films! I think this is such a lovely campaign, and it's perfect for us to connect with friends, put away our phones and enjoy a cosy night in. It's hard to think of inspiration sometimes when it's so cold and dark, but a lovely little box like this is brilliant for keeping you entertained this winter! 

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Unknown said...

Lovely campaign, I agree, nothing beats a night in! X
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