Tuesday, 29 December 2015

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Yes Please by Amy Poehler
I've been totally slacking on the reading front lately. My only excuses are a) it's been Christmas and I've been doing Christmassy things (mostly shopping but hey!), and b) I work late so really can't be bothered to whip a book out when I get home at 10:30pm.

However, I have just finished 'yes please' by Amy Poehler. Not gonna lie, I had no idea who she was until she played Joy in animation film Inside Out, but I did see this book hit the blogosphere a while back so thought it would be a good one to read.

Firstly, for those of you who were as clueless as me, Amy is an American comedienne, voice artist, director and producer (thanks, Wikipedia..), known for being on SNL, Parks and Recreation, Welcome to Sweden, and also being best friend's with Tina Fey! 'Yes Please' is her first book, and is a memoir/advice kinda book, in which she write about her own personal stories and turns them into hilarious, yet promising words of wisdom.

There isn't much to say really, without me telling you every detail of Amy's life, but it is a very easy read and is enjoyable for those her love and know her well, as well as those of you like me! She talks about everything from growing up, to her life before Improv, as well as sex, relationships, divorce, parenthood.. she's actually a pretty inspiring woman! In fact, I think my favourite line would be when she discusses the female hatred we seem to have for one another and brilliantly writes good for you, not for me. I mean, shouldn't we all take a little away from that? Praising someone else's successes without becoming jealous or even thinking we have to do it too?

So yeah, a good book if you're looking for an inspiring yet easy read for the new year!

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Unknown said...

I read this book over the summer and really enjoyed it, it's a lighthearted easy read that you don't HAVE to finish immediately (you know when you find those books you just can't put down!)
If you haven't read it already id recommend Lena Dunham's book "not that kind of girl" it's a similar type of memoir book but I actually enjoyed it even more than yes please. :)

Lucy x- Yellowicing

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