Friday, 20 November 2015

New Shoes from Online Avenue*

I think if you have lifestyle blogger at one end, and fashion blogger at the other, then I'm definitely at the far side of lifestyle. It's not that I don't like fashion, I do.. but taking an outfit photo isn't really my thing. However, sometimes it's good to try something new!

Online Avenue is an online footwear shop that sells both men's and women's shoes for reasonable prices, stocking pretty much everything from slippers to heels. And I must say, they have a hot collection of heels!

I'm not a massive heel or platform wearer because I'm 5'5 and most of my friends seem to be smaller than me, leaving me towering over them all, but when I was sent these shoes, I was definitely rather pleased! I went for the metallic court strap shoe in candy pink suede because sometimes I think a colourful shoe works really well with a black dress, plus the sound of the colour definitely makes you think disney princess.

I ordered these in a size 7, and they are true to size plus they are a killer heel so make you feel pretty god damn confident! I've just got to learn how to walk in them now as I think they'd be great for the festive season. My only grumble was that the zips at the back were a little stiff to start with but after a while, they were pretty smooth.

I'm really impressed with these shoes to be honest, they remind me of New Look's and Missguided's range. Plus, after looking online I've realised that they do have some really beautiful shoes!

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The Style Rawr said...

Oh la la! I love the colour - these are so foxy!!

T x

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