Thursday, 12 November 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I don't know about you, but now that bonfire night is over and done with, I'm on the countdown to Christmas now! I'm one of those people who has done their Christmas shopping and wrapped it all by December 1st, has been listening to the soundtracks throughout all November, and whips the Christmas jumpers out on December 1st. I've not always been like this but it's now safe to say I love Christmas!

As I've not been able to really decorate for 3 years, being and Uni and all, this year I'm going ALL out. So I've picked up two pieces so far that I'm really in love with and thought I'd share on here. I treated myself to this Yankee Candle Advent calendar as I loved it last year, and managed to get it for£18 in boots, thanks student discount, I still love you! It contains 23 tea lights and 1 votive candle in the scents Christmas Memories, Angels Wings, Cinnamon Stick, Icicles, Christmas Garland, Snowflake Cookie and Christmas Eve. I love having it alongside the traditional chocolate one, of course..

And secondly, I went to my local garden centre, which has the most beautiful Christmas decorations I've seen in a long time. I just couldn't leave without this adorable penguin. I think it's going to look perfect under a little fibre optic tree or on my window ledge with some fairy lights.

And finally, I've bought this game for Christmas because just how cute and awesome does it look? It's called 'Peel the Sprout' so I think it resembles your traditional pass the parcel type of game, only it's a sprout! God, I'm such a kid at heart.

I am thinking this probably won't be the last Christmas post but there's nothing wrong with a bit of Christmas spirit is there? Have you started shopping yet or are you a scrooge? ;) 

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Unknown said...

I love Christmas too! I really want that Yankee Candle calendar, it would be amazing to have a new scent every day! The penguin and game both look really cute too!

Lucy x- Yellowicing

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