Sunday, 1 November 2015

Hello November


I'm not one for wishing time away, in fact I really dislike it. I hate the idea of wishing your life away when we only get one, and who knows if we'll see tomorrow. That being said, it's all I seem to be currently doing because the excitement of quitting my job in January and going to Sri Lanka is beginning to creep in. Oh and not to mention I can upgrade my phone on the 23rd of this month.. it's all about the small things in life eh? ;)

Truth is, I am totally and completely fed up of my job. I hate to write that actually because I love nothing more than to help people, to make them smile and to be there but the hours are exhausting and unfortunately, it's just not worth it. Finishing at 11pm to then restart at 7am is completely ridiculous, not to mention dangerous for both me and my clients. Concentration dwindles, and in a world involving medication and driving, it's not ideal as you can imagine.

However, now that the dark nights are back, I can't help but feel a certain cosiness to this month. Burning fires, fireworks, beautiful colours.. and the Christmas spirit that is beginning to float around in shops, television and advertisements,  definitely begins to bring an air of magic into our lives. I am someone who loves Christmas and started Christmas shopping last month. Yes, I am one of those people. I just like everything to be perfect; well thought out and meaningful.

So for now, I'll persevere. I'll persevere with my job and try and enjoy the last two months because one thing's for sure, I won't be returning to it. I'll focus on the good and loved ones because that's what matters.


TeninDvr said...

Oh you are going to Sri Lanka, that's a m a z i n g ! How long for ?

I hope it will get better with your job ! Make sur to rest, and to take it easy babe ! Don't over stress yourself !

Take care of you x x x

Unknown said...

A trip to Sri Lanka sounds awesome! It will be good to relax and unwind after such a heavy workload.

Keisha xo

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