Saturday, 28 November 2015

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One Million Lovely Letters by Jodi Ann Bickley

I've wanted to read this book for so long but it's just one I'd not got around to buying. However, I was lucky enough to win it in a giveaway, and it really is one of the most beautiful books I've read in a long time.

In 2011, Jodi's life completely changed. What seemed like a fun weekend at Bestival on the Isle of Wight, soon turned into a living nightmare for Jodi, as a small tick bite soon turned into a life threatening illness. Just days after returning home, Jodi became ill experiencing severe symptoms eventually diagnosed as encephalitis. Losing the use of her right side and suffering from terrible headaches, Jodi faced a long recovery during which she also experienced more physical symptoms such as seizures, the break down of two relationships and was consumed by depression which left her suicidal.

However despite all of that, just as Jodi really began to think about taking her own life, she realised that she could either give up or turn her life around by doing something worthwhile. It was then that Jodi sent up One Million Lovely Letters - a website where anyone can request a letter for either themselves or someone else, in order to cheer them up or remind themselves that they are loved and that whatever they're going through, will get better.

And that's exactly what Jodi started to do. People emailed Jodi asking for a lovely letter and she wrote one to them. Handwritten, full of glitter and love, because it means so much more receiving something that has been made with effort and care. Jodi realised that she could use all of her life experiences to help others, remind them of what they do have in life, and give them a moment of happiness during their period of darkness.

Now, if that's not an amazing, inspirational woman.. I don't know what is. This book is genuinely like a warm hug. It will make you smile, feel loved and grateful for everything we have in life, as well as reminding us to connect with people every once in a while instead of being glued to our screens. She really does emphasise that random acts of kindness cost nothing, and will probably make you feel good about yourself too.

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