Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Saving Money To Travel

You may or may not know that in January, I'm headed to Sri Lanka for 3 months to do a graduate mental health placement; volunteering in a psychiatric unit, helping those with special needs, and not forgetting travelling at weekends.

Last time I did something like this, amazingly I managed to fundraise the full amount to go because it was for charity, however this time I didn't feel comfortable doing that again. I'm not going to work for charity this time, more working on a project, which isn't the same. I've been saving ever since June and I've actually done pretty well.

I think it's important to save money in your twenties though. I mean, you may not want to go traveling but maybe you want a house? There is probably something you'll want to do/or buy in the future that will require some saving for.

Easy ways to save money

1. Work out how much you need to save per week/month. When I got accepted onto this placement, I immediately worked out how much money I'd actually need to save. Going travelling isn't just buying a plane ticket. It's accommodation, flights, visas, vaccinations, insurance and spending money which does add up. I added all of this up and divided it by the number of weeks I had (I get paid weekly), and then on payday, I immediately transfer that money elsewhere. It can't be touched and there's no risk of spending it!

2. Prioritise. The money I then have left then goes on important stuff first like petrol and board (and chocolate when I'm working late). You don't want to be going into your overdraft because you bought a new dress but can't afford to get to work.

3. Don't buy stuff you don't need. I try to stick to a rule where if I see something I want, put it into my online basket (because let's face it, online shopping is the worst culprit for spending), and if I'm still thinking about it a week later, then I actually want/need it. If I've forgotten about it, it clearly wasn't that important!

4. DO treat yourself. And by that, I mean if it's a week later and you can afford to get the said item, then buy it. I find that if I'm on a 'spending ban', then I think about buying stuff more often and it becomes harder to resist.

5. Make money online! I don't do this very often but websites like Valued Opinion, Top Cash Back and Qmee, are actually really easy ways of making a little bit of extra cash.

6. Always remember why you're saving. At the end of the day, it's going to be so worth it when you're sat on a beach in Sri Lanka, because you managed not to buy that dress that you didn't really need anyway. And if you are going travelling, remember that travel is the only thing you can buy that will make you richer.


The Style Rawr said...

One of my favourite quotes! Gosh, I want to travel again. So excited for you!

Tara x

Asmaa said...

So so lucky Samantha! I hope you have a fab time! :) great tips too - I'm terrible with money so I'll be giving some of these a go!

Asmaa || AsmaaWrites

A Lychee a Day said...

Wow this is so great to hear - I'm extremely passionate about mental health so it's really good to see another blogger go out of their way to volunteer :) :) I hope you save up easily and have an absolutely amazing time when you go!

Ayesha xxx

Unknown said...

How exciting! What a great opportunity for you! Saving money is hard but these tips are very helpful! I also write done saving money tips on my blog when I was saving for a house! Keep working hard with it, good luck!
Marie x

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