Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Phone Wallpapers

Recently, I've actually had a bit of a sort through my Pinterest boards (shameless plug, I know) and at the weekend, I may have become a little obsessed with it! I used to think it was so boring but before I knew it, I'd actually spent quite a while just pinning different bits and bobs. It's addictive, isn't it?

Anyway, I found some really lovely phone wallpapers that I thought I'd share on here! I know I love these sort of posts, so maybe you will too?

2. Anyone still loving pineapples? I know I am..
3. One for Autumn
4. Because it's getting colder and winter is approaching
5. A floral pattern
6. You are bootiful

The first one is currently my wallpaper but I love swapping them so often, especially fort the different season. I'm definitely already on the look out for Winter/Christmas designs. Let me know if you like these type of posts, and if you use any for yourself. Where is your favourite place to find wallpapers?


Unknown said...

I've recently got obsessed with Pinterest goo! I've had an account for ages but hardly ever used it, and now I'm never off it! I love these wallpapers, i actually have the autumn (no.3) one on mine already at the moment, but I love no.1 and no.6 too!

Lucy x- Yellowicing

TeninDvr said...

Your post is just what I was looking for ! I always change my phone wallpaper and I was looking for a nice one to put during autumn. Thank you for sharing !


Unknown said...

They're all lovely, but I adore the pineapple one! It's so cute! xx

Ashton :: Beuaty, Books and Babble

The Sunday Mode said...

I love these kinds of posts, the first wallpaper is beautiful!

xImmortalMindsx said...

It is addictive, and true it felt boring before. Really great picks. I usually put my favourite words into web searches, and plently ones come up. I love to select the areas of the wallpaper. Take care, and hope to view more of your blog posts.

Unknown said...

I struggle with Pinterest, I really should make an effort though! Love the wallpapers featured in this post BTW! xx

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