Monday, 12 October 2015

Made by Steffie B

A little bit of a different post today but I wanted to feature a lovely lady named Steff on here, in the hope of raising some awareness and potentially helping her out.

Last week, I stumbled across Made By Steffie B which is a blog/shop run by Steff. Sometimes things do just stay with you and you want to help, don't you? You see, Steff was left infertile five years ago due to an untreated miscarriage, and is now attempting to save up for IVF, as she is not eligible for IFV with the NHS. After reading her blog, my heart goes out to Steff and her partner, as she was clearly mistreated and her infertility could have and should have been prevented.

At 42, her dream is still to have a child of her own however, IFV is £7000 a pop. So, Steff has set up an online shop, making crochet keep sakes named 'cuties' in which you can adopt. Each 'cutie' has a name, comes in a beautiful box, and are all completely unique with individual embellishments and colours to ensure the same one is never made twice.

I think this story really sits with me because I know what it's like to infertile and it's not something we discuss openly. Thankfully, mine was reversible but we definitely take it for granted because it's only when you realise you can't have something, you find out that actually, you might want it.

This isn't a sponsored post and Steff didn't ask me to write this, I've written it because I wanted to so please do go check her site out, share her story or just tweet about it.

Every little helps (right, tesco?).

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