Sunday, 4 October 2015

Books // Only Ever Yours

In this world, women are designed to be perfect. Baby girls are no longer bred naturally, so they are bred in schools and raised to master the art of pleasing a man. The girls or 'Eves' remain at school for sixteen years, and on graduation, ten are picked to become 'companions' for the men. This is the best option, as they are required to live with their husbands and have sons until they are no longer useful. The rest either become 'concubines', who are effectively prostitutes, or teachers in the school - both of which aren't great prospects.

Freida is in her final year and graduation is looming. However the pressure of being perfect is clearly too much for her. Being fat is not acceptable. Being ugly is not acceptable. Every girl must be perfect but there is always room for improvement. The eve's go to extreme lengths to achieve perfection - restricting intake, purging, forever comparing to one another. They are also treated appallingly, not even really having a name but referred to as numbers.

Freida and Isabel were best friends, but final year takes its toll and Isabel gains weight. Along with the intense pressure to have friends and fit in with the other eves, the Inheritants (men) are coming to the school on a weekly basis to assess the eves so that they can choose one at the Graduation ceremony. Ultimately, Freida needs to decide which love she really wants - her best friend or the love of an inheritant.

Honestly, this book is the best book I've read this year. I'm not the fastest reader and usually I'm looking ahead, seeing how many pages left of each chapter, but I flew through this without looking because it was just so gripping. I really enjoyed this book, but I don't know if enjoyed is the correct word. It's haunting, disturbing and excellently written.

If there's a book you need to read, it's this one.


Natalya Amour said...

This book seems like it speaks to so many young ladies! Definitely want to read it
Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

Unknown said...

Checked your blog after your comment on mine ;)) definitely a very beautiful blog and brilliant posts. If you would like we can collab sometime soon <3

Unknown said...

P.S i am blogger ;)

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