Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Jacks is a Mum of two, has a loving husband and is full time carer to her own Mum who has Alzheimers disease. Jacks absolutely loves her family but it is clear that she has sacrificed so much in order to live the life she leads, including her childhood sweetheart - the one who got away. She desperately wants her daughter, Martha, to have a fantastic, successful life but when she comes home pregnant, Jacks fears that Martha won't live the life she really wants her to live.

What's more, is that she can't stop thinking about her childhood sweetheart, Sven, and when she spots him in the paper, she goes to where he is to find him again. She loves her husband, but feels as though she has settled for second best, often imagining the life she really wanted to live. Without giving anything away, once Sven has re-entered her life, Jacks is faced with some difficult decisions. Not only for herself but for her daughter as well.

Overall, this book is a good, light-hearted summer read. I wouldn't say it was five star, fantastic, but it is an easy read and great if you just want something to escape to if you have a spare 30 minutes here and there. The plot isn't that heavy in my opinion and it can get a little bit dull in places. It covers themes such as grief, loss and illness though but I don't think it's a particularly sad book. However, it took me a while to read so if you read it in one go, it might be more of an emotional book!

If you're looking for something to perhaps take on holiday or to fill a lazy day, I'd say this does the trick.

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