Sunday, 27 September 2015


It's cold, the night's are drawing in, and all I want to do is lounge around in my pyjamas drinking hot chocolate and burning sickly sweet candles. But y'know, I have to work like most of us so that ain't happening very often. A girl can dream, right?

Apart from the weather, which I secretly hate because I feel the cold so easily and I'm practically like ice from September to April, Autumn is actually a beautiful season. Here's why..

1. Hot chocolate (and hot drinks). Ok, so I actually drink hot chocolate all year around because like I said, I am a human snowball. But, for the rest of you normal lot, this drink is back on the menu! Not forgetting all things pumpkin, apple and cinnamon flavoured!

2. The colours. It's so simple but it's actually really beautiful to notice the trees changing colour and losing their leaves. I used to love hunting for conker trees with my Nan as a kid, bringing home hundreds and then being like 'ummm what the hell do I do with all of these?!'. Nature is kind of amazing really.

3. Red, berry and dark lipsticks. I've said before I don't wear much make up but I do wear red and purple lipstick in Autumn. It's just too pretty not to. My favourites are the Purple Rain Soap & Glory Gloss Stick and the Rose Plum L'occitane Pivoine Sublime Lip Balm!

4. Cosy knitwear & flannel shirts. Because there is nothing more comfortable than a huge, warm jumper, is there?

5. Primark's pyjama bottoms. On a similar note, it's now more than acceptable to live in fleecy, Christmas pyjama bottoms as soon as you get home from work, isn't it?

6. Candles! I am a candle addict but I've kind of forgotten about them so far this year (or at least, I've not bought any since April because everyone kindly bought me tonnes for my Birthday!). However, I've only got one left so y'know, needs must and all that... I love the spicy/foodie scents so much in Autumn!

7. TV. I don't really watch TV - when I was at Uni in first year, I didn't have one so I got used to not watching it but I always think TV gets so much better when the nights draw in. Bake off, X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing.. I mean, at least we have some choice now!

8. Christmas isn't far away! Yeah, I went there. Perhaps a little too early for some but personally I love Christmas and have already bought some presents ha! I even looked at some decorations the other day God, help me! It's true though.. it's just around the corner!

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Georgi said...

Lovely autumnal post making me excited for all these things :)


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