Sunday, 27 September 2015

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It's cold, the night's are drawing in, and all I want to do is lounge around in my pyjamas drinking hot chocolate and burning sickly sweet candles. But y'know, I have to work like most of us so that ain't happening very often. A girl can dream, right?

Apart from the weather, which I secretly hate because I feel the cold so easily and I'm practically like ice from September to April, Autumn is actually a beautiful season. Here's why..

1. Hot chocolate (and hot drinks). Ok, so I actually drink hot chocolate all year around because like I said, I am a human snowball. But, for the rest of you normal lot, this drink is back on the menu! Not forgetting all things pumpkin, apple and cinnamon flavoured!

2. The colours. It's so simple but it's actually really beautiful to notice the trees changing colour and losing their leaves. I used to love hunting for conker trees with my Nan as a kid, bringing home hundreds and then being like 'ummm what the hell do I do with all of these?!'. Nature is kind of amazing really.

3. Red, berry and dark lipsticks. I've said before I don't wear much make up but I do wear red and purple lipstick in Autumn. It's just too pretty not to. My favourites are the Purple Rain Soap & Glory Gloss Stick and the Rose Plum L'occitane Pivoine Sublime Lip Balm!

4. Cosy knitwear & flannel shirts. Because there is nothing more comfortable than a huge, warm jumper, is there?

5. Primark's pyjama bottoms. On a similar note, it's now more than acceptable to live in fleecy, Christmas pyjama bottoms as soon as you get home from work, isn't it?

6. Candles! I am a candle addict but I've kind of forgotten about them so far this year (or at least, I've not bought any since April because everyone kindly bought me tonnes for my Birthday!). However, I've only got one left so y'know, needs must and all that... I love the spicy/foodie scents so much in Autumn!

7. TV. I don't really watch TV - when I was at Uni in first year, I didn't have one so I got used to not watching it but I always think TV gets so much better when the nights draw in. Bake off, X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing.. I mean, at least we have some choice now!

8. Christmas isn't far away! Yeah, I went there. Perhaps a little too early for some but personally I love Christmas and have already bought some presents ha! I even looked at some decorations the other day God, help me! It's true though.. it's just around the corner!

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Thursday, 24 September 2015

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I'm back with three more of my favourite blogs! Definitely want to make this a regular thing as I know I love discovering new reads. And it's good to share the love, right? Right..

The Elle Next Door: This girl is definitely one of the kindest, funniest and most stylish fashion blogger I've yet to come across. I've watched her blog grow so much this year and it's so great to see someone doing so well! Elle posts beautiful outfits, but adds her own humour and personality to each post. She's also recently set up a youtube account, so head over there, yeah?

Life In Ginger: Nicole writes this blog and I think I'm right in thinking we're definitely friends now? Awkward if we're not... ;) I'd say this blog is a little bit like my own, so I can really relate to it. She is currently writing all about her holiday but also does book reviews and honest, extremely well written, lifestyle musings. Such a lovely blog!

Little Miss Katy: Katy writes one of those blogs that should be read when you feel like rubbish and just need to swoon over comfort food and positivity - because she always has both covered! I genuinely think this girl takes the best food pictures ever. She also writes a weekly '10 Happy Things' which is great for reminding you about the little things in life!
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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

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The important people in our lives leave imprints. They may stay or go in the physical realm,
but they are always there in your heart, because they helped form your heart.
There's no getting over that.

I couldn't not note that bit down because it's just so beautiful. A bit like this book really! This book should probably be read around Christmas time, and begins when Dash finds a red notebook on a book shelf in the Library. It's been left by Lily, who has written down a set of dares for the right guy to come along and accept the challenges. 

Dash does accept the dares, and so the notebook is passed back and forth between the two of them, and follows them around New York. When they eventually manage to meet though, it's questionable as to whether these two teenagers are physically connected or whether their relationship is better off being kept inside the little red notebook, simply imagining the other person.

This book is a short but sweet love story between two youngsters. You could read it in an afternoon if you wanted, and it will simply make you smile. I know I finished the final page with a smile on my face.
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Sunday, 20 September 2015

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Here's the thing, I'd kinda fallen out of love with blogging.

I don't know if that's because I work crazy hours and just have less time to blog OR because I'd just hit a brick wall and had no idea what to write about any more. I guess it doesn't matter which one it is when the outcome is the same.

I don't believe this is the sort of place you come to for flash photography, fashionable outfits or beauty reviews. As much as I love those things, I'm usually wearing a uniform with my hair pinned up, with only eye liner and mascara. I've also needed to buy batteries for my camera for ages, so my phone has been doing the work. I know, fantastic blogger award right there.

I don't want this to be a place for those things either. I write about real life. I try to capture the thoughts of those who inspire me, the things I love, and those who make me happy. I'm twenty-one, but I know I'm one of those people who has a old head on young shoulders. I know all too well that life is short and life is for living. That's what I want for this blog. I want this to be a place where you can come to be inspired to live the lives you really want and challenge the things that hold you back, instead of purely existing or accepting mundane routines, when really that isn't happiness. God, you can tell I'm a psychology grad, can't you!?

Anyway, I haven't been feeling very inspired myself recently so I decided it was time to change it up a bit around here in the hope that it will motivate me too! I must say, I'm in love with this design and I think it's going to help me put a bit more effort in instead of accepting a 'that'll do' attitude.

I hope you love it as much as I do, and I hope you all have a lovely Sunday.
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Friday, 18 September 2015

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I think that because all of my uni housemates are now teaching their own class/training to be a teacher, I've been more aware of the kids going back to school this year.  And also, I am probably one of the youngest at my workplace, so I regularly hear comments telling me that it all goes down hill from 'X' age, and that they wish they were back at school, or at least 'young again'.

In short, your school days are the best years of your life and it only gets worse from here.

I know, I'm only twenty-one, so maybe I don't have much right to comment but I completely disagree that life only gets worse as you age.

I loved school, I really did. I was one of those really annoying people that didn't have to do much work in order to get an A. I could laugh and joke with my friends, and because I was smart, the teachers didn't really mind. I could get away with stuff, I was pretty carefree with no responsibilities and it was great. But, I don't long to be back there - that chapter of my life is over and I'm busy writing a new one.

Sure, getting older isn't always easy. You have all that adult crap to deal with - jobs, money, taxes, bills etc. But what about the positives that actually outweigh all of that? You know, like being able to do whatever I want to do at this precise moment in time. Being able to go wherever I want, buy what I want, see who I want. That tiny little thing that also comes as we age, called FREEDOM, is kind of amazing and shouldn't be moaned about.

I really despise the term 'it all goes down hill from here'. Life is what you make it, and if you're not happy, chances are that it's not because you've aged. It's because there is something else going on and you're blaming you're age because it's easier than changing what is really going on.

Each chapter of our lives offers something different and we should enjoy each one.

Don't regret growing old, it's a privilege denied to many.
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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

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A few weeks ago, my Dad was taken into hospital so as a way of injecting some happiness into my life, Viking very kindly sent me a box full of little things which are to help cheer you up! Viking are running a campaign inspired by World Happiness Day, aiming to send out little gifts that can be used to put a smile on your face or inspire you to pass on your good mood.

Anyway, the box really is full of themed goodies which definitely made me smile when I opened it. It's split into sections which are explained in a lovely little note..

The Tea Break

  • A little wooden treasure chest with shortbread biscuits and cuppa tea. Because this solves everything, right?

The Lucky Bag

  • A lottery ticket
  • A lucky penny, to let you know you're worth it
  • Eternal happiness dust, to remind you every cloud has a silver lining

The 'Fixer-Upper'

  • Plasters, to help heal you when you're hurt
  • A rubber to erase any mistakes
  • A paperclip to keep you organised
  • Sunflower seed papers to spread natural happiness

The Support

  • A slate heart to remind you how much you rock
  • Notebook and pen to make sure you never forget any memories
  • Bubbles to lift you up when you are down
  • Sweets because you are pretty sweet!

The Relief

  • A stress ball 
  • Bubble wrap!
I absolutely love this package and it's definitely given me some ideas for friends in the future, should they ever need an instant happiness boost. And if you'd like, you can get involved with the campaign on twitter using the hashtag #EmerencyHappiness - you may even be treated to a box like this one!

'Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking' 
- Marcus Aurelius
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Friday, 11 September 2015

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Short post today, but I feel like when September arrives, everyone turns towards A/W collections. You know, the knitwear, candles, hot chocolate.. and not forgetting the Autumnal colours!

I don't really need anything. I was looking for a top the other day (and still can't find it), and I realised I have that many clothes, I probably don't need to buy anything ever again. But that would be boring.

Despite the cold, I actually quite like A/W. Comfy knitwear, ankle boots and a beautiful smelling candle is the way forward in my opinion. And not forgetting berry coloured lips and a warm cup of something. I've been trying different flavoured tea recently because I hate normal tea. I've tried fudge and salted caramel, which are surprisingly nice but I've seen cherry bakewell all over IG and want to find it!

What do you love most about Autumn?

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

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Jacks is a Mum of two, has a loving husband and is full time carer to her own Mum who has Alzheimers disease. Jacks absolutely loves her family but it is clear that she has sacrificed so much in order to live the life she leads, including her childhood sweetheart - the one who got away. She desperately wants her daughter, Martha, to have a fantastic, successful life but when she comes home pregnant, Jacks fears that Martha won't live the life she really wants her to live.

What's more, is that she can't stop thinking about her childhood sweetheart, Sven, and when she spots him in the paper, she goes to where he is to find him again. She loves her husband, but feels as though she has settled for second best, often imagining the life she really wanted to live. Without giving anything away, once Sven has re-entered her life, Jacks is faced with some difficult decisions. Not only for herself but for her daughter as well.

Overall, this book is a good, light-hearted summer read. I wouldn't say it was five star, fantastic, but it is an easy read and great if you just want something to escape to if you have a spare 30 minutes here and there. The plot isn't that heavy in my opinion and it can get a little bit dull in places. It covers themes such as grief, loss and illness though but I don't think it's a particularly sad book. However, it took me a while to read so if you read it in one go, it might be more of an emotional book!

If you're looking for something to perhaps take on holiday or to fill a lazy day, I'd say this does the trick.
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Sunday, 6 September 2015

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I was working with a wonderful lady and her family (daughter) the other day. The same lady also happens to be terminally ill and really needs specialist equipment now to help her with day to day tasks, but really doesn't want to give up her home comforts which need replacing. Understandable really.

Her daughter, who I secretly really like, likes to think she is a strong, hard woman who is coping incredibly. She is coping really well to be honest, and I admire her, but sometimes we all need a shoulder to cry on.

Anyway, the daughter emerged from the bedroom almost shaking with tears. She'd had another conversation with her Mum about the equipment, with it ending with the line 'well, I don't want it because where will we put it all when I'm better?'. The daughter just had no idea how to respond and came straight to me to hug her, which I did. I also told her that it would get better eventually, that she is doing amazingly, and everything will be ok.


I can't stop thinking about this conversation. Firstly, it puts life into perspective and all gossiping that also goes on in my job, just feels so ridiculous and pathetic (it is anyway but y'know?). But not only that, I love feeling like a superhero. I love being there when someone needs a shoulder to cry on, some reassurance in their hour of need. I don't get paid enough and I work stupidly long hours but when someone is most vulnerable, I feel honoured that I get to be a part of their last however long they have on earth. 

You don't have to be invincible or know how to fly to feel like a superhero. You just have to be there.
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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

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Wow, September already. 

1. I know many of you will squirm but I can't help but think we're now kind of in the lead up to Christmas. The plan is to put aside a little each week so that Christmas isn't an all consuming expense and December can be enjoyed rather than fretting over finances (not that I've ever done that.. I'm an organised sod).

2. Ring the Doctors for vaccinations and begin to look at visa paper work for Sri Lanka. I go in just over 4 months, and it'll be here within the blink of an eye.

3. Be there for my Dad. We've had a rough time recently (well, he has), and sometimes it's important to simply remind people that you're there for them. Knowing you're not alone makes things a bit easier.

4. Laugh more. Life is more fun when you are laughing.

What are you September plans?
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