Saturday, 1 August 2015


It's quite late as I'm writing this after a busy Saturday at work, but today is the first day of August - not that you'd think it was the middle of Summer here in the UK, as it's pretty chilly considering. I am so glad I'm off to Sri Lanka in January because I really don't think I can stand another year hoping for some real sunny weather, next year. Maybe I won't have to wait that long and August will kindly surprise me.

2015 really is whizzing by, and dare I say that my Dad decided to discuss what he would/wouldn't be doing for Christmas with me this year. I know I'm pretty organised but I did have to tell him that it was in fact, still July!

Life is actually pretty good right now. Despite feeling disheartened last week, I've moved on and reminded myself that life is too short. Bigger and other dramas going on around me have put life back into perspective, and maybe I was a little harsh on some people because even if I wanted to hold a grudge, I simply am incapable. I've also been reminded that being plain nasty and spiteful to someone will come back to bite you on arse, and that's not something I really want to experience, thanks. What goes around comes around, as they say.

I don't have too many plans this month apart from the Colour Run in Birmingham, V Festival and working. Like I've previously said though, I am loving my job so I don't mind it. Plus, my savings pot is coming along nicely so it's nice to know my hard work is paying off.

I hope you all have a lovely August!

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