Monday, 31 August 2015


Hello, I hope you're having a good bank holiday! I've seen a few of these posts circling the blogosphere now and I really love them. Mostly because a) you often find gems you didn't know existed and b) it's just nice to share the love isn't it? Yep, I thought so too.

There are far too many blogs to mention in just one post, so maybe I'll make this a regular thing! Here's some you should definitely check out though :)

Josies-Journal: Written by Josie, this blog is one of the very first blogs I first started reading ever. We are definitely friends now rather than just random readers of each others blogs, because Josie is just the sweetest person ever. She blogs all things lifestyle, fashion, beauty and her life with Cystic Fibrosis and raising awareness. This has and probably always will be one of my favourite blogs!

The Style Rawr: I'm probably a fairly newish reader of this blog, maybe a few months? However, I feel like I've been reading it forever. Tara and Jade write this blog, and post such beautiful outfit photos! Tara just looks so beautiful in pretty much any dress. They are also both getting married so it's lovely to see their wedding plans coming along!

Britton Loves: I am actually addicted to this blog. Lauren writes this and covers everything from beauty, health, food, fashion and lifestyle! I really love her recipes actually because she is totally on my wavelength regarding health and life morals. It's just a great read!

Happy reading! 

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