Thursday, 13 August 2015


I love food.

I love eating well,  I love knowing that what I put into my body is going to nourish my insides, give me energy and make my skin glow. I follow a tonne of food blogs (mostly those who advocate a healthy, nourishing diet), and I did my dissertation on the ever increasing obesity epidemic and what foods we really should be eating.

So yeah, I know a lot about food and health. Most of the time, I eat really well but then sometimes I'll have chocolate instead of a handful of almonds. But that's cool, I like Maltesers so I eat them and carry on living. Oh and they just brought out peanut butter Oreos, so I eat those as well.

Here's a revelation too.. I'm not cheating by eating those things. I'm not playing a game in which I feel the need to cheat in order to win. These days, I don't even think anything of it, I'm eating those things because I want too, it's as simple as that. And guess what? I haven't gained a shit tonne of weight by 'cheating' either. I've been eating exactly what I want for a long time now (and no, I don't weigh myself), but my jeans fit exactly the same as they have in ages.

On the flip side, when I'm not eating chocolate and I'm eating natural whole foods, I'm not eating 'clean'. I'm just eating what I want to eat because that's what I like and what I fancy. Why is it even called clean?

It's no wonder more and more people have eating disorders. We label food like we do our emotions. What makes something guilt free? Something that is low in calories but high in sugar? Or something that is high in fat and calories but low in sugar (probably healthy)? Most of us don't even know, yet we are letting it dictate our emotions and what we should and shouldn't eat.

Summer means diet season, so too many people turn to clean/guilt free/fat free/gluten free/wheat free diets. People don't know how to eat any more - proper eating is about balance, surely? Listening to your body for the correct ratio of protein, fats, carbs etc. Honouring your hunger and not stuffing yourself stupidly full.

Surely I'm not the only one who is bored of seeing the words clean/cheat to describe food. Healthy living is about balance, which includes enjoying a treat too. It's not cheating, it shouldn't be regretted and it doesn't make you guilty.

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