Monday, 27 July 2015


Last week I started to think about money quite a lot, and how I strongly believe that you can never buy love, friendship or happiness, or even bribe someone into liking you. In fact, there are so many things that money can't buy such as morals, intelligence, common sense and health (the list is actually much longer..).

I received some lovely gifts for graduating last week, and as ungrateful as it may sound, I just got to thinking that I don't need lavish gifts to know that people are proud of me or want to wish me well. All I really ever want, is a bit of thought and to know people are there to celebrate with me. The things that money cannot buy really..

Happiness is something that cannot be bought. Sure, we can buy shoes, clothes, houses, cars etc and they'll make us temporarily happy, but the wealthiest man is the one whose children run into his arms even when they are empty. Mostly because happiness usually costs time and love - concepts we can invest without owning much money.

So, maybe this week we can all spend some time and love on the things we love, and we'll all become a lot more wealthy.

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