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So, here's the thing.. before I went to uni I was massively into musical theatre and singing. I still am really, just in my shower instead of on stage. I used to be in amateur musicals and I was the county jazz singer for a jazz orchestra when I was in high school. I think after I've returned from Sri Lanka, I'll definitely get back up onto the stage because it's the most amazing feeling ever, but for now, I'll stick to watching other people and singing along to the radio in the car!

I'm quite lucky in that I've seen most musicals on stage locally, on the west end or on broadway but I've not really dabbled into the world of opera. I took music A-Level, and learned about it very briefly but I don't know that much about it, other than it can sounds absolutely beautiful. Anyway, I was recently offered the opportunity to provide coverage of the English National Opera (ENO)* and I jumped at the chance because I really do love music, and I know how hard it is to sell tickets to shows!

The ENO traces back to when Lilian Baylis established the Sadler’s Wells Opera Company in 1931, originally performing at the  Sadler’s Wells Theatre. However, now a strong award winning company, they now perform at the London Coliseum. At the moment, the ENO are performing The Pirates Of Penzance, famously written by Gilbert and Sullivan. Although I've not seen this, I did cover some of the songs in college and know that it is a comical, sharp witted opera with really lively songs - perhaps not what you've expect from an opera if you've never been to one. 

This opera has really great reviews from both The Stage and The Telegraph, so if I lived closer, I would definitely consider going to see it. Maybe if you do live in London and fancy something a little bit different, it would be a great show to go and see. It's only on until the beginning of July, so if this floats your boat, lame joke there, I know, I'd go get your tickets now!

Do you enjoy going to the theatre? Would you be interested in seeing an Opera?

*This post was written in collaboration with ENO
but all  opinions are my own and if I didn't
like it, I wouldn't write about it.


Candice Petersen said...

Wow never heard of this before!

Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

The Nerdy Me said...

I love theater! I try to go and see as much as I can starting from musicals to operas and spectacles. Would love to see this one but sadly, I am not from U.K. :(

-Leta | The Nerdy Me

May Cho said...

I admire theater so much, though I hardly have the voice or the acting chops to be in one, haha. I'm more of a instruments person so I'll just stay in the Musicians' pit! I do know a little bit about Opera just because I'm a Classically-trained violinist, so it was imperative for me to study music history, and that included operas from the 1700s.

I really do want to watch this establishment work some Pirates of Penzance magic on stage if I ever do get the chance, but for now, I'll just stay here and take your every word for how amazing it is. (and your lame joke was not lame, Sam hahaha)

May x • THE MAYDENbloglovin'

Sam said...

Haha well you have now ;) x

Sam said...

I reckon you could find this where ever you are, it's quite famous :) xx

Sam said...

Oh wow, that's amazing that you are a violinist! I have so much respect for musicians :) xx

Antonella_7694 said...

Great post my dear :))

Sam said...

thank you! xx

Nevena Krstic said...

It's so cool that you used to do all of these things before Uni, you should definitely go back to doing it! I love going to the theatre :) xx

Ellie Adams said...

I absolutely love going to the theatre but haven't been for years, this has made me immediately want to book tickets and go :) The opera sounds amazing though, and yes, definitely get back on stage if it's what you love girl! :)


Sam said...

yeah I think I definitely will! :) xx

Sam said...

I love the theatre, you'd definitely enjoy another trip! and I definitely will girl :) xx

Josie's Journal said...

I wish I could sing, I'm awful! I hope you get to go back to the stage one day, if you can find the time - you're always so busy it seems! Glad you're enjoying your job too, the HCA's at my hospital are brilliant (apart from a few lazies - I had a massive go at one who was complaining to me how all the elderly people needed too much help!) x

Josie’s Journal

Sam said...

I think anyone can sing, just not everyone can sing well ;) And haha thank you! I don't blame you for having a go at her - how unprofessional! xx

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