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Wristbands to identify mental illnesses?

If you are reading this from the UK, then you'll be well aware of the General Election that is happening on the 7th May this year. If you're not from the UK and didn't know, you do now ;) As a young person, I know I'm not alone in that I'm not 100% certain about who I am going to vote for just yet but I am 100% certain that I WILL vote, and so should you. I could bang on about how important it is to vote, that not voting puts you in no position to complain afterwards, that it definitely does impact on your life, and that woman died for us to vote.. but I'm sure you already know this!

No, instead I wanted to discuss a suggestion made by a conservative parliamentary candidate for Cambridge, who said that mental health patients should wear colour coded wrist bands to help identify their mental illnesses.


As if there isn't enough prejudice about mental health in this country already! How can this campaigner possibly think that this is a good idea?!

I genuinely don't even know wear to begin when discussing how wrong that would be. Firstly, and I can only draw on my own experiences, but hardly anyone knew I was ill (or if they did, not much was said). This meant I functioned like a completely normal human being.. I never had a day off work or college, I completed my A-Levels, I carried on attending the Am Dram group I was in. What I'm trying to say, is that I was no different to anyone else regarding my ability to work (which is primarily why this campaigner thinks wristbands should be introduced). So why should I have been treated differently?

Secondly, like I've already mentioned, there is sooooo much stigma already, WE DO NOT NEED TO MAKE IT WORSE! A lot of people I know, are so frightened to tell others that they have a mental illness because they fear being labeled 'crazy', so forcing them to disclose something that still remains to be personal, is very unfair. But also, what about those who don't even realise they are ill? Or those who are recovered? I don't consider myself mentally ill anymore but when would I have been allowed to take the wrist band off?

Finally, a different colour for each illness? What about those with multiple mental illnesses.. are they going to be made to wear an armful? Mental illnesses are just too complex to classify into colours! Unfortunately, symptoms over lap and it can take years to diagnose an illness.

Basically, this is so flawed and just wouldn't work at all. A policy like this is really disappointing and emphasizes just how far society still needs to go.


Candice Petersen said...

So proud, can't be easy sharing something so personal , everyone is flawed somehow. Great post very inspirational


Sam said...

Wow, that is so kind of you! Thank you xx

Kat M said...

Hey Sam! First of all it's so great to see people talking about the election, I have no idea who to vote for as non of the parties seem to suit me! Second I completely 100% agree with your post! I was not aware of this until now but I can not see how this would in any way help people with mental illnesses, it would only others including employers judge them. Surely money would be better spent invested in more supportive methods that are going to help people feel normal rather than push them further away! Sorry for the rant bu your brave share got me inspired :)

Sam said...

Thank for your fabulous comment! I completely agree with everything you have said and I'm glad you've been inspired to rant.. no one changed the world by staying quiet ;) xx

Carolyn Bell said...

Glad I'm not the only one who's still unsure as to who to vote for. I completely agree with this post, there's enough stigma already and, people are already self conscious about illnesses as it is. There's no need to make people more self conscious about any type of illness they're suffering and, there's certainly no need to single out one type of illness by using coloured wristbands. Well done on writing this post, it's a difficult topic to write about and you done it really well and respectfully <3

Carolyn x
Carolyn’s Simple Life

Sam said...

You are definitely not alone!
And thank you so much for your lovely comment, it's really so kind of you xx

Hannah said...

This is a really great post Sam, I found out about the wristband proposal today and it made me feel really angry! If people with mental illnesses have to wear wrist bands, why shouldn't those with arthritis or chronic IBS? They are just as likely to take days off work as those that are mentally ill. I have opened up to the world about my depression, but like you said so many people haven't and it's such a personal thing to admit - plus I would also feel judged as soon as somebody saw it. You've made some really great points, thank you for discussing this so openly!

Hannah xx

Sam said...

You're 100% right! We either all have a wristband or no one does!
Thank you lovely :) xxx

TheStyleRawr said...

I honestly don't know what they're thinking! It makes ZERO sense. *Thankfully* most people are against it and I completely agree with all your reasons why it shouldn't happen! I suppose it is creating awareness so at least people are talking about mental illness - we just need to focus on supporting our amazing charities and helping each other - it's not about labelling anyone!

Tara x

Sam said...

No, I don't know what they were thinking either! Yes, you are right in that it gets people talking but like you say, it should be done in other ways xx

Josie's Journal said...

I thought this was some kind of really late April Fools when I saw this on the news, what a terrible idea. You're so right in what you say about it, as if there isn't enough stigma already. It seems like finally society was beginning to talk more about mental illness in an understanding way but this is just a huge step backwards. And where would it stop? Would people have to start wearing badges or whatever for other things too, like their sexuality or religion? Thankfully though I don't think this idea will ever happen. Still, what a stupid proposition! x

Josie’s Journal

Katie said...

I TOTALLY agree with this post! Lovely read and great blog.

Katie Loves ~ A Fashion & Beauty Blog.

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Sam said...

You're right, I have no idea where it would stop!! I agree with everything you've said though girl, it's so stupid xxx

Sam said...

Thank you!! xx

Bash Harry said...

Wow, I can't believe this is actually happening...This is discrimination against those with mental illness! It's maddening! And why put coloured bands for each illness? Make it more 'fun' and collect every one, get a prize? Just..ugh

xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

Hannah said...

Sorry for commenting on here again and I know you've already seen it, but thought I would just say that I've nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! You can see your nomination here: :)

Hannah xx

Sam said...

I don't think this has actually happened, thank god! It was more a suggestion but a ridiculous one at that! xx

Sam said...

Thank you Hannah! xx

Sam said...

You're absolutely right, it is atrocious! Yeah, people would wear them to attention seek or for fun... the whole thing is flawed haha! xx

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