Friday, 13 March 2015

What I've learned at University

I've previously mentioned that I'm due to finish Uni very soon, so here's some of the non-academic things I've learned whilst being here for 3 years!

1. Walking back from Morrisons with a rucksack full of bottles, and two shopping bags full of a week's worth of food = the equivalent of going to the gym. Walking to and from the supermarket keeps me fit, so can't afford a gym membership? No problem.. forget the car when you need to do your food shopping!

2. And on that note, it's possible to do a food shop with £10-£15 a week. Say goodbye to Waitrose and M&S, and learn to love Home bargains, Poundland and Aldi.

3. HEATING IS EXPENSIVE. So yeah, I should probably not sneakily turn it on when my Mum's out in future. Sorry Mum.

4. It's ok to be in your pj's for 90% of my time. A) it's comfortable, B) it's warm and C) it saves on washing!

5. You will never take not having a car for granted again. Walking, buses, taxis and trains are the transport options.. did I mention walking?

6. Soap nights will never be the same again. Especially when your housemates religiously love it and you have no idea what's happening and therefore need telling every 5 minutes.

7. Costa? Starbucks? More like a jar of 50p instant coffee from Tesco. Winner!

8. Don't wanna wash your bedding? Turn it over. You've bagged yourself a few more days with those sheets.

9. Pasta pretty goes with ANYTHING.

10. You may have moved miles away from home but your Mum will still find a way to pester you. Mostly on Facebook. Every night.

11. There's nothing better than a Disney film as a way of procrastinating.

12. However, there's nothing worse than an 8am shift on a Saturday. I'll probably thank my boss in the long run but now? Nuh uh.

13. I may a Psychology student but no, I cannot read your mind. Even if it is funny to occasionally pretend.

14. All of those cheap shower gel samples that your Nan collects from her coach holidays, and gives you for Christmas.. yeah, they are now a god send.

15. Group work probably teaches you the most important life lesson. You can't trust anyone nor can you let people walk all over you!


melody said...

i always luv your post dear

new post :

Sam said...

Thanks so much!! x

Rebecca Lacey said...

I did Psychology at University too but finished last year :) I agree with so many of these haha! Good luck with you finally few months!

Rebecca Coco

Nicole said...

This post is brilliant! And so true! I remember walking back from the supermarket - we used to live at the top of a rather steep hill and carrying our weekly shop back was like torture, we used to have to break mid-way up the hill when it all got too much haha! And yup, pasta goes with anything, I used to practically live off pasta when I was at uni - so cheap and quick to make. Love your point about group work as well, completely agree with that!
Nicole x /

Sara Wallflower said...

Great post! It's good to know some tricks for when I'll go to university. :)


Alice Young said...

I'm a psychology student too! Why does everyone think we can read their minds..

The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

SamanthaSeries said...

hahaha I like this type of post. May do something similar when I am almost done uni!

Samantha Series

Sam said...

Aw thank you so much! xx

Sam said...

Haha, I'm glad you agree! Despite all of these things though, I think they are what make uni so fun and memorable! xx

Sam said...

Yes definitely! ;) xx

Sam said...

Haha I have no idea!! It's kinda irritating xx

Sam said...

Yeah do! Would be great to read :) x

halcyonvelvet said...

i was in my pjs/ onesie whenever i was at home - no heating = multiple layers at all times

Sam said...

Haha yep, story of me life! x

Hannah said...

I loved this post, these are so true!! I am in my pjs as often as possible and the walk after food shopping DEFINITELY counts as a workout xx

MarthaDahhling said...

Love this :) I completely forgot about heating! It is so damn expensive, when I first moved into my Uni house and they told me the monthly heating bill, I almost fainted! When my weekly food shop is under £15 I literally do a little victory dance at the till. Hahaha Great post xxx

Sam said...

Haha tell me about it!!
And well done you ;) It's all about buying what's on offer haha xx

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