Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Passing Of Time

In 55 days, my final ever Uni assignment is due. So, in 56 days I will have officially finished University. Scary, huh? I think what's even more scary is how quickly time passes. Time is so precious to each and every one of us, yet we often sit here thinking 'where has time gone?'

Yesterday, I decided to take the day off assignment writing. I didn't feel 100% right and I'd had a pretty productive weekend so thought f*ck it, I'll watch films all day. I felt pretty guilty last night for basically writing the day off and wasting time but y'know what? Sometimes we have to take days off for ourselves. After all, we are human not robots. Our brains nor bodies are equipped to function 24/7, and therefore it's vital to recharge - to create time to recharge.

And it's weird that although we definitely do not control the passing of time, we are able to make time to do everything we want to do. We can prolong an evening by fighting exhaustion and we can rise earlier in order to see the sun rise. What even is time anyway? We choose to alter the clocks twice a year ourselves, and if we cross the Atlantic, we enter a new time zone.

“Time isn't made of anything. It is an abstraction. Just a meaning that we impose upon motion.”

So how can we ever really know what the time is? And does it even matter? I think we get so caught up in trying to chase deadlines, fit things in and criticising ourselves for not having enough time, that we forget to embrace the present - arguably, the most important moment in time.

So yes, I did take a day off for myself yesterday but maybe it wasn't wasting time at all. I have a very busy week ahead as usual, so recharging my batteries is perhaps a very good use of my time. Maybe it's something we should all learn to do more often? Just slow down every once in a while, play Sims, watch films and embrace the present moment in time..


melody said...

congratulations in advance, time waits for no one

Sam said...

Thank you lovely, you are so right!! x

Jennie May said...

We all need time to recharge I think. It's not wasting time if you're enjoying it! <3 x

Ellie Adams said...

I'm exactly the same lovely, if I let myself lie in (to 8am latest, I'm such a bloody granny, I feel guilty for not getting up and making the most of the day. We definitely need days off to take it easy and recharge. Totally agree with how scary it is that time passes so quickly, I can't believe we're already in March!


Sam said...

You're absolutely right! x

Sam said...

Haha same - my 'lie in' is until 9am!! But I think it's better to have that approach instead of 'wasting' a day. If you want to make the most of your day and live your life to the fullest, then that's not a crime lovely xx

TheStyleRawr said...

You definitely deserve time off to re-energise! I often get caught up by just thjnkjng about what will happen in the future and forget to enjoy the present. When I used to work with some older people they used to tell me off for wishing my life away and they were right! This post is just the reminder I needed. <3

Tara x

Josie's Journal said...

You definitely needed time off to recharge your batteries, you always sound like you're super busy! I'm very much an 'enjoy the present moment' type but maybe a little too much because I don't really think about the future! x

Josie’s Journal

Sam said...

They definitely were right! It's got to be about finding a work/life (relax) balance! xx

Sam said...

I don't think there's any harm in living in the present at all! xx

Chloe Holgate said...

Good luck

Ive 3 months... aarrrrgggghhhh


Sam said...

Thank you!! and good luck to you too! xx

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