Sunday, 8 March 2015

Healthy Eating & Deliciously Ella

Before I start this post, I appreciate the title could cause concern for some people given my history and past eating habits.. but bear with me and trust that I know what I'm doing :)

So, this year I have taken a proper interest in food, especially healthy foods. By healthy, I don't mean low calorie or low fat but rather foods that are high in vitamins, minerals, good fats and are good sources of energy. Foods such as nuts, nut butters, vegetables, fruits, grains, smoothies, oats.. y'know, foods that are actually nourishing and full of nutrients.

To be honest, I do I know a lot about food. I had an illness which was based on knowing the ins and outs of most foods, which kinda taught me a lot (maybe too much). I am also doing my dissertation on food, the other end of the scale though.. obesity. I guess what I'm trying to say, is that I knew a long time before all the press started to slate sugar and glorify fats, that's this is probably the healthiest human diet. However, I've never really followed this diet because god forbid I actually eat something with calories in it...

Anyway, now that I'm much better, I am starting to embrace this way of life. Last year was a year in which I realised I could eat what I wanted in moderation (chocolate, sweets, cake..) and not become huge. However, doing that everyday isn't good for my insides and I'm pretty sure that as I age, my metabolism won't remain this good forever. So, when I stumbled across Deliciously Ella's blog, I immediately fell in love with her philosophy. Ella has used a plant based, gluten free diet to recover from a rare illness, Postural Tachycardia Syndrome. She focuses on counting goodness, not calories. Let's just say, I bought her book within a week of devouring her blog.

Both her book and blog are filled with delicious, healthy recipes. However, the difference is that when you eat them, they don't necessarily taste healthy. For example, sweet potato brownies, nutritious Nutella, quinoa pizza, banana pancakes.. the list goes on and on.

I've not actually tried many recipes yet, as being at uni means I lack kitchen appliances and space to cook but when I move home in 8 weeks(!!), I plan on trying these recipes out. However, my favourite so far is the quinoa with almond butter dressing.. it's so good.

Whilst I really have been enjoying learning more about foods and what is good for your body, I can safely say that I won't ever adopt this lifestyle completely. Firstly, buying nuts, super foods, seeds etc is actually kinda expensive and although it's healthy, there are other things that I'd rather spend money on. But secondly, and perhaps most importantly, I could never restrict my diet ever again. I never want to be in a position where I'm 'not allowed' something because it's full of refined sugar or I can't have pizza because it's not gluten or dairy free. For me, being healthy is about nourishing my body but also saying yes to having an ice cream with my friends on a hot afternoon, sharing pizza every once in a while, and going out for celebratory meals with my family. Health is made up of both physical and mental health, and for some, this diet might be perfect for your mental health but for me, it is far too restrictive.

So, I shall continue to enjoy foods from this book/way of life but I will also be enjoying a creme egg or two every now and then too.


Hannah Boxall said...

I really want to get hold of this book, healthy eating is my weakness! x

Hannah | Heyitshannaah

Sam said...

It's definitely worth a buy! xx

Sophie Sierra said...

This book looks really gorgeous! Nutella being mentioned is never a bad thing right?! I love the theory as well, that the recipes can taste delicious but be healthier. Great that you are so frank and I agree with you, I don't think I could live on this restrictive diet either. Hopefully like you say, you can follow some of these but do your own thing too <3

You made so many wonderful points here, I love how you have such a healthy, admirable view to your body and food. Sounds like you've come so very, very far Sam and I hope you are quite rightly proud of yourself! You should be ;)

Sophie | soinspo xo

melody said...

this is a nice post dear, thk you for sharing and happy women s day.

Annabel said...

I've heard mix views on this book, but I do still want to try it out..regardless that I can't cook!

Annabel ♥
Mascara & Maltesers

Sam said...

Ah really? I've only heard good things! It's definitely worth a try in my opinion because the recipes are dead easy! x

Sam said...

Thank you! x

Sam said...

Oh wow Sophie, this is such an amazing comment to wake up to! Thank you so much :) Thank you for reading it! xx

Candice Petersen said...

Sounds really interesting

Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


Josie's Journal said...

You seem like you have a good way of looking at healthy eating...a life without creme eggs would be too cruel!

But the recipes in here look delish. I'm supposed to eat the rubbish food but also need the good stuff too...basically I have to eat ALL the food! So if you do try out any recipes I'd love to know if they're yum or not :) x

Josie’s Journal

Sam said...

I think I do have a good balance now y'know! :)

And I don't think that's bad a thing.. it's a fantastic thing ;) And I might start doing some foodie posts! I'm proper getting to be a little chef xx

Ellie Adams said...

Such an amazing achievement that you have such a healthy relationship with food now lovely. You're so right, just because of your past history, doesn't mean you shouldn't take an interest in healthy eating now. And you go and have a creme egg girl, life is definitely not worth living without them ;)


Victoria said...

So happy that you've developed a healthy relationship with food! Hopefully, I can get there germ, crowd, and sadness wise with my mental illnesses. Great review and her recipes look delicious! I'm gonna check the book out. x

Sam said...

Thank you so much! I really do love reading your comments, they are so thoughtful! You're right - who can possibly live without them? ;) x

Sam said...

Thank you ! I believe that you can definitely get there!! I believe in you x

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