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The Time In Between

The Time In Between By Nancy Tucker*
Ok, so firstly I should express how excited I was to receive this book in the post before the release. I never dreamed I'd ever be sent anything because of this tiny space on the internet so yeah, life mission complete! Anyway..

Nancy is a 20 year old author who suffered from Anorexia and Bulimia throughout her teenage years. This book is the retelling of her story starting with the 8 year old girl who wrote 'I want to be thin' in her school book. The book follows her life as she is consumed by her perfectionism and desire to be 'thin'. She talks about the destructive Voice in her head, praising her for dieting and exercising, and reminding her that this will lead to being thin. Being perfect. 

I just want to mention the beginning of this book it's a very good place to start..  because it's like nothing I've ever read before. Nancy addresses the reader and warns them of the content that they are about to read, and I LOVE that she does this. For eating disorder sufferers, reading about eating disorders is often a way of fueling their illness. It's a way of clinging onto to being sick, learning about new behaviours, and comparing themselves to the sufferer identified in the book. Unfortunately, any eating disorder book is triggering to someone, and Nancy acknowledges this, politely asking that it is only read for the right reasons. She also informs the reader that their will be no numbers mentioned in this book - no calorie information, no BMI's and no weights. Personally, I believe that this alone makes it a brilliant book.

This book is primarily a memoir about Nancy's experience with an eating disorder. She talks about the impact her eating disorder has on her school life, how she became isolated and consequently lost her friends. She talks about life during inpatient treatment, and how manipulative the illness can be by faking a recovery just to set herself free from the inpatient walls, only to begin eating disordered behaviours again as soon as she walked out of the door. She talks about how difficult it is when you go on holiday and at Christmas, not only for the sufferer but for the family as well. She talks about the physical symptoms, the cold, fatigue, the dizziness and hunger that Anorexia brings... Basically she covers every situation and thought process that could possibly be experienced!

One thing I do love, is how Nancy writes in different forms. For the most part, the book follows Nancy's story (which I must say is written excellently.. her honestly and dark wit is just fabulous!), but it also include play excerpts, eating disorder do's and don'ts for parents, and letters, which makes great comic relief during quite sad and serious chapters.

But perhaps my favourite part of this book, is the very end, when Nancy addresses The Time In Between. What happens when you don't look ill any more yet your head is as disordered as ever? What happens when some days you feel OK and others, you don't? Recovery isn't a simple as going from A to B. It's more a path of up, down, left, right, upside down, back to front.. only to realise that when you think the finish line is in sight, you understand that there never really was one. We are always changing, learning and accepting life, whether we have eating disorders or not, and this book is the first I've read, that actually acknowledges that.

On a personal level, this is quite possibly one of the most incredible books I've ever read. If I'm honest, it has to be described as bittersweet, because I was undoubtedly reminded of my own painful experience and heartbreaking moments that were so very similar to Nancy's. However, I also read this and thought 'Why the hell did I do that to myself?' along with 'I will never go back to that god damn awful time', and for that, this book has reminded me that I can and should be proud of myself.

So all I want to do now, is recommend this book. Whether you're simply nosy or curious about Nancy, want a different genre to read, or want to educate yourself a little more about eating disorders.. whatever your motive, go and pre-order this book. You won't regret it! (Available to pre-order on amazon here.. Go, go, go!!)

*I was sent this book for review but my thoughts/opinions are 100% honest!


mariel said...

wow, thanks for sharing because now I want to read it and definitely will be adding it to my book read list <3

Sam said...

So pleased to hear that! :) x

Nicola said...

I read this book, and I admit that it is great.
By the way, you have an amazing blog. :)

Sam said...

Thank you!! x

Coco Cami said...

Great review, sounds like a fascinating and moving book :)

Camille xo

Sylvia Said said...

After reading your review I can't wait to get my hands on this book! It sounds amazing <3

She Will Be

Sam said...

So glad you'll be reading it! x

Sam said...

It really is! x

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