Monday, 19 January 2015

The Miniaturist

It's 1896, and Petronella Oortman (Nella) arrives in Amsterdam to begin her new life as a merchant trader's wife. She arrives at her new home, where she lives with her mostly absent husband, his sharp tongued sister and their servants. Nella is given a beautiful miniature house from her husband, Johannes Brandt, which is what leads Nella to the Miniaturist - the individual who is asked to furnish this gift. However, each piece that Nella receives appears to resemble the dark, hidden secrets which live within the household.

Nella becomes increasingly frustrated and impatient with the Miniaturist - Who is this individual? How do they know what happens in this house? 

I guess if you want to know the answer, you'll have to read the book! 

Initially, I really disliked this book and didn't want to finish. Yet, after 100 pages I know that I couldn't put it down, and when I wasn't reading it, I wanted to be! It's beautifully written, mysterious, powerful and fascinating, and really does manage to consume your mind. It covers sex, love, obsession, secrets and death, so whilst it's an intriguing read, it's also very complex. Apart from quite a slow start, the book is paced well enough, meaning you're likely to finish quite quickly. It's like nothing I've really read before, but it's a book I definitely recommend. From what I have heard, this book is like Marmite.. you'll either love it or hate it.


Candice Petersen said...

Sounds like an interesting book

Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


Josie's Journal said...

I think this sounds interesting, I like things with a bit of mystery! I love things set way back in the past too. Fab review Sam! x

Josie’s Journal

Little Miss Katy said...

Sounds really interesting! I've seen SUCH mixed reviews on this book. I really want to read it for myself and see where I stand with it :D xx

Little Miss Katy said...

I've heard SUCH mixed reviews about this book. It sounds amazing though and I really need to read it and see where I stand with it! :) xx

Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

Ellie Adams said...

It's so satisfying when you finally fall in love with a book you initially disliked. I did exactly the same with Jojo Moyes One plus one. Great post hun, I love that your blog offers something different :)


Mimmi said...

I've picked this up and then put it down again several times when in Waterstones. It looks so interesting! After reading this review I just want to read it even more.

xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

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