Sunday, 25 January 2015

Life Lately | #2

This week was my first week back at Uni, so has been a shock to the system! Early mornings, no more waking up to constant milk in the fridge or fresh laundry, and walking everywhere. However, I get one day off how generous tomorrow, and I plan on doing nothing ;)

I'm reading | The State We're In - Adele Parkes. I freebie from Amazon.. can't say no really!

I bought | I am on a fashion spending ban but one thing I cannot live without is a burning candle in my bedroom. As I returned to Uni last weekend, I bought a Yankee Candle from their newest set of scents, Red Raspberry. I love all the fruity, chocolately, sickly sweet scents and this ticks the box perfectly!

I went | Back to uni! I have so much work to do until now and May, I genuinely feel sick thinking about it all. However, you rarely hear of people giving up in their last term, and certainly shan't be breaking the norm!

I loved | The Theory Of Everything - I watching this film the other day, and it is just beautiful! I never buy DVD's but I will absolutely, 100% be purchasing this one!

How was your week?


Ellie Adams said...

I've literally just picked the Adele Parks book up from the Library, what strange timing :) Props to you for sticking to the fashion spending ban girl, I caved after 2days!


Sam said...

Yeah, not gonna lie, I've bought a jumper :'( I'm rubbish too! x

Jennifer K said...

I also picked the Adele Parks book as my Amazon freebie and I've just started reading it - it's good so far. And I went to see The Theory of Everything on Friday - tears were streaming everywhere!

Jennifer x

Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

Sophie said...

Everyone's said that that film is so good - I neeed to see it!

Sam Long said...

So jealous that you have seen the Theory of Everything! I need to go and see that film! (It's not often I say that, either!)
Sam xx

Sam said...

It is really good :) x

Sam said...

Yes you should see it! Thank you for stopping by :) x

Amy Liddell said...

I saw the Theory of Everything and it was absolutely incredible!

Ana CĂ©line said...

I need to see The Theory of Everything! x

≈ CARMEN ≈ said...

Red Raspberry sounds lovely. I like the sickly sweet scents as well. Have a good time back to school.

:] // ▲ ▲

Sam said...

They are definitely the best ;) and thank you! x

Alice Young said...

Red Raspberry sounds like such a nice scent! I didn't di anything today either, although I was suppose to go to a lecture... Woops!

Annabel said...

That film was beyond amazing, so tempted to go back and see it again!

Annabel ♥
Mascara & Maltesers

Gingi Edmonds Freeman said...

Mmmmm, scented candles!!! I am so there. lol -

JasminCharlotte said...

I really liked Theory of Everything too - it was lovely and pretty sure I cried through most of it! Hope going back to uni goes well, I'm sure you will do fab! x

Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

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