Sunday, 11 January 2015

Dress Sizes

I'm not going to lie, the thought of having to buy an item of clothing in a different size to one I am currently, makes me feel awful. Most of you think will probably think I'm referring to a bigger dress size, but actually any other dress size leads towards the same feeling. Truth is, I don't want to have to buy a smaller or bigger size! (I'm not writing this because I've recently had to do this.. more inspired by the January diet bulsh*t).

But why? Logically, I know that clothes sizes differ in shops. Shops provide for target audiences, therefore a 12 in one shop will fit differently because it is designed for a younger body with smaller hips, whilst other shops cater for older women who have possibly had children. I am not insulting older women - our bodies do change as we age. It is a part of life and I really do think it should be embraced rather than nipping and tucking here, there and everywhere (but that's another topic..). I am also well aware that if I walk into a shop and try something on, and then walk over the road to another shop but I'm now a different size, my body has not changed. I am still the same, constant person who has not increased in size within the space of 2 seconds.

Despite not liking changing size, what I despise more is that I (we?) give so much meaning to a number. How ridiculous is it to let a number dictate how I feel about myself? It's absolutely stupid. I don't include myself here, but most people feel so much better when they fit into a smaller size but why?! It doesn't make you a better person. Your ability to do math, write a story or read a book hasn't changed, and neither should your self worth. Similarly, (myself included) if we go up a size, it's the end of the world! It's obviously not because time is still ticking, the world is still spinning and the sun is still shining unless you are in Britain, but again, why?! This number shouldn't define how we feel and it should most certainly not be the measure of our self worth. Going up a size doesn't mean we are less of a person - it simply means the piece of clothing fits better!

Something I have been thinking about recently though, is whether we should be the same size in every item and/or shop, and maybe the answer is no. We all have different bodies, so the idea that a certain number of sizes should fit us all, is actually quite stupid. I could line up 100 size 12's, yet their body shapes would be completely different but they are still expected to by the same size. And when I put it like that, it seems rather crazy to think that we should mould ourselves to fit a generic set of sizes, eh?


I'm not saying it's easy, but I do think we should be less hard on ourselves when we don't 'fit' into a certain size. After all, it's just a measly number which shouldn't be responsible for your self worth or defining you as a person. I don't know about you, but I'm absolutely awful at guessing other people's sizes, so no one else knows half of the time anyway!


carlyvanwatts said...

I really love that illustration! 'Bart' aha! I can't make heads or tails of sizes on the highstreet anymore, they always seem to differ so wildly. xx

Emily Watkins said...

Hey, I totally agree with you with the size thing. And, if I remember correctly, shops also use particular sizes so that certain sized people wear their clothes, rather than another, which I think is shocking. I struggle a lot with my weight, for some reason I can't put weight on and it makes me feel so bad! People always compliment me on how slim I am and I'm like NO!

Thank you for commenting on my blog. :) Lots of love, emily, 0fftotheraces xx

Tanya Beetham said...

I love that illustration - and your words certainly do ring true for me and for many other women too. We do indeed live in a culture where what we look like/the size we wear determines much of our self-worth. Yet what kind of truth is that, that our attaining the 'perfect' size must equate to a 'better' person? Not only do we judge ourselves but I even see people judging others too. It is certainly a nonsensical concept, but it is a concept that is well and truly familiar and close to home for most women I know. So then perhaps it is not so nonsensical or stupid, if it is a language we all speak?
It is time we question where it comes from, rather than judge ourselves or think that it is simply the 'wrong' way to think... I think we live in a toxic environment and you have done a very lovely job at fighting back and explaining the nonsense in a very assuring way :)

Ellie Adams said...

What a beautifully articulated and thought out post. I totally agree with everything you've said here. As someone with a fast metabolism who luckily has never thought too much about shape/diet... It upsets me so much to see people fretting over dress sizes. But I get it. Growing up very, very skinny, I would be so upset if I went into a store and had to go a size lower, I'd panic that I'd lost even more weight. Similarly if I had to go up a size, it would get my hopes up that I'd gained some when realistically, sizes just vary in every shop.

I really hope that we, as a generation, move towards a healthier outlook on dress sizes, body shapes etc. There are far, far more important things in life, the world definitely needs to gain perspective!


vintagemagpies said...

Totally agree with you that we are all totally different shapes & sizes! If they made them all the same in every shop, there would be a lot of us left out of that 'normal' bracket which would be more of a pain than having to try on 3 pairs of jeans before we find the ones. That little picture is brilliant, I think I might be a sippy cup!?

Sarah-Jane xo //

≈ CARMEN ≈ said...

Hmmm. I think I have a pizza body -- all that pizza. It's not easy shopping but different companies have different sizes & that's something I actually like to accept. Just because I'm a size 6 some place & a size 12 another place doesn't mean that I somehow truly went up 6 sizes. Happy Monday!
:] // ▲ ▲

Coco Cami said...

Great post, very well written :) I love your blog, if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

Camille xo

Lulabel Loves said...

That is such a great picture - I like the one 'Whatever this is'! xx

jen avery said...

Love this!

Style by Avery

Klimver Beauté said...

Hahaha bart body shape :3 I believe sizes ore shapes are not important at all. You've got a new reader, xo!

Jenny Burgess said...

I have always put too much emphasis on the number I am. It's rather unfortunate, because we are more than stupid numbers! One of my goals this year is to start accepting my changing body for what it is!


Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

Simply Linh said...

That body shapes picture is such a great find! But, I agree. Being too focused on a number isn't good.

Linh | SimplyLinh

Gingi Edmonds Freeman said...

Ugh, tell me about it.. I am currently 7 months pregnant and I am trying not to look at, or think about, sizing tags right now, lol

Anyhoo, I found your blog through a fellow blogger, and just thought I would stop by and say hi! It would totally make my day if you did the same... or better yet, keep in touch!! <3 -

Ayisha Ogbara said...

Definitely in agreement with this blog post, very insightful thoughts you have and I appreciate your honesty!

helen at thelovecatsinc said...

great post! i tend to shop for what size fits me rather than saying i am an 8 or a 10, i just use them as a rough guide

from helen at

ps. there's a £60 skincare giveaway on my blog if you fancy it, click here!

Laura Hooper said...

Love this post- I HATE shopping different sizes. ASOS and River Island sizes are MASSIVE, and Zara and Topshop are tiny. I can never find the right fit! Yesterday I went into Zara and the queue was so long I didn't try anything on; but XS trousers fit me in there, so I picked up dresses and stuff in XS too and they don't even fit it's so frustrating that shops can't just go by one universal size!

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