Thursday, 8 January 2015

Buy Less Choose Well

So, you may or may not know that as soon as I finish Uni, I am jetting off to New York for a week! As exciting as it all is, and believe me I cannot wait to hand my dissertation in along with every other assignment before going, I'm gonna need some dollar to spend when I'm there! As far as the trip is concerned, it is paid for because I spent my Christmas week practically living the shop I work in I'll get over it soon. However, as I'm sure most of you would agree, a girl has to go to New York with an empty suitcase, and return with a full one, right? Thought so!

One of my favourite bloggers Josie, has recently restarted her 'The Curated Closet Challenge', which really is a bit of spending ban. She has adapted it slightly, and because we both know that we're rubbish at sticking to spending bans, I'm actually going to join her properly this time, in hope that we can encourage each other! 

I have enough clothes to last me a lifetime, I have enough shoes and I can accessorize practically every outfit so I do not need anything really! However, like most of us females, I love to shop so here are Josie's rules, which I am also going to stick to.
  1. I'll allow myself one thing per month. Going cold turkey just isn't realistic, is it?!

  2. Basics count. A white/black t-shirt can't be excused as not clothes shopping!

  3. Accessories count. Yeah, that's shoes, jewellery, hats, scarves and sunglasses!

Basically, everything counts. Yesterday, I got all of my shopping out of my system with a cheeky trip to the Trafford centre so that means no buys until February. I'm probably picking the worst ever time to do this. I am a third year and stress levels can often go through the roof, so there's nothing like an online shopping spree to cheer you up but I do aim to be strict! If I succeed, I will most definitely thank myself when I'm in New York!

If you think you'd like to join me and Josie, do tweet us! We need all the encouragement we can get ;)


Candice Petersen said...

This is really cool!

Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


Josie's Journal said...

Yaaaaay! So happy you're doing this too Sam, seriously don't think I could do it alone haha. I have absolute faith in us, with goals in mind (NYC for you, driving for me) it should be a lot easier...I hope. I'm the same, shopping cheers me up but I'm gonna have to learn to appreciate the free things in life haha. x

Josie’s Journal

Sam said...

We can definitely do this Josie! I'll be cheering you on, all the way ;) Think of driving!! xx

Made in Mauve said...

Great idea! Good luck with it!

Made in Mauve

Gemma Davison said...

I'm doing this too, and it is hard! I'm not allowing myself any nail varnish either for 6 months, so I can add to my savings with the hope of eventully being able to put a deposit on my own home a few years down the line. We can all keep each other strong :)

Gems x

Sam said...

Thank you! x

Sam said...

We can do this! Ah I forgot about nail varnish.. should probably do that too ha x

Ellie Adams said...

So, so jealous of your New York trip, it is at the absolute top of my 'places to go' list! I seriously need to go on a spending ban but it's so hard with the sales (and those pesky 'further reductions') going on :) Have an amazing time in New York lovely.


Sam said...

Thank you! And tell me about it, but I need to do it haha!! x

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