Friday, 9 January 2015


I am writing this after a very long week, which has seen me complete my final ever Uni exam, travel to both Manchester and Liverpool, with the rest of my time being either spent at work (by day) or completing uni work (by night). I'd love to be able to sit here and write about I have a weekend free to myself, but this is the real world after all.

I am actually someone who embraces being busy. If I have too much time to myself, I over think or become stir crazy within a matter of days. I need a purpose; something to be doing, someone to see. I don't like the idea of wasting my life, stuck indoors with nothing to do. However, even I must admit that sometimes I need a break. The Christmas break that I was actually looking forward to is almost over, and although I have spent time with my family and it has been enjoyable, it has most definitely not been a break for me. I have spent many hours revising along with far too many hours at work, which is beginning to take it's toll. I'm certain I could sleep for the next 24 hours if I could.

I also think that when you're tired, the little things that normally don't bother you, do. I've found myself feeling guilty for working when I have uni work to do, or anxious about the final semester that is rapidly approaching, despite being the most organised and stress-free person I know. However, I do know that after Sunday, I can embrace a few days off, work from the comfort of my own sofa, and balance will be restored.

Until then, I aim to enjoy this weekend at work. Hopefully, it will be my last ever weekend working at my home store because once I finish uni, I will be living in a new area with new opportunities to seek out. Therefore, it could be a very bittersweet few days - I'll be saying goodbye to colleagues I've worked with for almost 4 years but I'll also be looking ahead towards the next chapter of my life.

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