Friday, 23 January 2015

9 Things that third year undergraduates don't want to hear

Just a few things us third year undergraduates don't wanna hear..

1. 'So how many days until your dissertation is due?' Don't remind me. Don't mention the D word. The answer is NOT ENOUGH

2. 'I am so stressed right now' Oh really? I'll swap you my lectures, 8 deadlines and part time job for your...? Yeah, didn't think so.

3. 'What are your plans for after Uni?' Do I look like I have time to think about after Uni? I don't have time think about what I'm doing at Uni right now!

4. 'Don't you think you've consumed enough caffeine?' Err, how else am I going to fuel my 20 all nighters?

5. 'So what did you get in your assignment?' If I did well, I'd be jumping up and down in your face, shouting about it. If you have to ask, you know the answer and no, I don't wanna talk about it!

6. 'The printer's not working' OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

7. 'Maybe you should get dressed this week?' Maybe you shouldn't? It's kinda comfy..

8. 'Your final assignment is a group presentation' Great. My final assignment (degree!) will be fucked messed up by group members who never do anything and never turn up. Another assignment I'll be doing on my own then..

9. 'Only 102 days until the end of Uni!' Shit. Only 102 days until I have to submit everything, get a job and become an adult. 


Jennie May said...

I think printers do it on purpose, they never work when you really need them too! x

Candy said...

You might be pleased to know that getting a job and becoming an adult, unnerving though it is, is not as scary as it feels to you right now, I promise! Obviously make the most of university, but don't worry about it being over either! The end of university is just the beginning!

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Sam said...

Tell me about it! x

Sam said...

Aw thank you, this is such a lovely thing to say! x

Ellie Adams said...

Laughed my way through this whole post. I didn't even go to Uni but 4,6 and 7 are pretty much my life!


Sam said...

Haha glad you laughed :) x

Kate Fellows said...

I'm in my last term of uni too so I can definitely relate to this! x

Elise Rose said...

Love this, I'm a third year and feel exactly the same! Group work is the absolute worst.

elise rose


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