Wednesday, 3 December 2014

My favourite things about Christmas

1. Christmas Yankee candles. My favourites this year Angel Wings, Snowflake Cookie and Christmas Cookie - they make the room smell so sickly sweet and indulgent, which I know is really off putting for some people, but for me, it's heaven!

2. The frost. I am a creature of summer and loathe the cold weather but looking outside at the frost on the windows, cars and especially cobwebs is absolutely magical. 

3. Christmas songs. Yes, they are cheesy, annoying and over played but I LOVE it. I work in retail and should really be bored of them but no, I'm the annoying sales assistant begging to put the CD on again once it has finished ;)

4. Advent calendars. What is better than chocolate for breakfast? Thought so!

5. The decorations, tree and lights. There is something beautiful about seeing the reds, greens, silvers and golds as you walk down the high street or come in your front door to be greeted by a wonderfully decorated Christmas tree. I also love wrapping presents - the more stars, bows, tissue paper and string, the better!

6. Friends and Family. When I'm at Uni, I don't go home until the term is over because I have to work. So for me, I am reunited with my friends and family at Christmas, and it really is lovely. I love catching up with people over a gingerbread latte or hot chocolate, and exchanging gifts with others hoping desperately that they will love what I've bought them. These are the people who really do make Christmas special.

7. Christmas films. My favourites are Elf, The Grinch, The Holiday and Miracle on 34th Street :-)

What do you love about Christmas?

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jennie said...

Angel's Wings is such a beautiful candle! I'm definitely with you on the sweet scents, they're so good! xo

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