Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year!

I don't really like reflecting on New Year's Eve, yet for some reason I always do anyway. I don't like how people make resolutions or goals for the new year either.. to me it is merely another day.

However, there's no denying that 2014 has been the biggest year of my life so far. It's not like I've done anything 'big' as such, like move to University or get married, but I am honestly happier now that I have been in a very long time. It's crazy to think how much you can change in 365 days, and as an outsider looking in, my life probably doesn't appear to be that different. I'm still at Uni, I still work at the same high street store, I still have the same friends in my life.. but I am not the person I was when I entered 2014.

I think I owe a lot to my Thailand trip this summer. I learnt that life is too short to cling onto dangerous habits, which keep you miserable, cold and anxious. There is a huge world to see and explore, there are people to meet and things to do. I've managed to ride with the elephants, swim in waterfalls, cuddle tigers, eat dinner in the mountains.. things that some people can only dream about yet I have been lucky enough to do it. The love for life that I once had, has returned, and I want nothing more than to travel, explore and achieve.

In the past 4 months alone, I've gained over a stone in weight but that gain seems tiny compared to the confidence, happiness, cognition, energy and the smile I have also gained. I can think again when I'm writing my assignments, I dance when I'm drying my hair, I sing in the shower, and I now say yes to almost anything because I want to experience everything I possibly can.

I have realised that I have some of the most amazing people in my life, who I am eternally grateful for. In fact, I am grateful for life itself again. I never dreamed that I'd ever be so free again, but I took a risk this year and let things be which has turned out to be the biggest and best risk I've ever taken. In a way, I am saddened that this life changing year has to end but I know that 2015 will be equally as good if I let it.

As for resolutions, well I don't make them. If I wanted or needed to change something about myself, then I don't need to wait for a new year in order to do so. Nor do I have goals for 2015.. I think it's all a load of old tosh. I'll just see where my life takes me and play the hand I'm dealt!

So, Happy New Year to you. May 2015 be the best year yet 


Moon said...

Sam I have been aware of your situation for some time now I tried to talk to you at Nans 80th if you recall.
I am so pleased and relieved that you have started to blossom again and please be aware that your family care more than you probably know. Love Moon xxxxxxxx

Josie said...

But I think you have done lots of 'big' things, I mean going to Thailand was a massive thing :D you've achieved SO much and should be super proud of yourself. I hope 2015 is even better, I have a feeling it will be...especially with your trip to New York! I think we're friends enough that you won't find this too super weird but I had a dream I went to New York last night and you were there with some other bloggers and other people that I know haha! We got a red London bus to the cinema and watched Harry Potter :') x

Josie’s Journal

S said...

This is fantastic and you are amazing. You should be really proud. Hope 2015 is even more brilliant for you x

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