Saturday, 27 December 2014


This year I have had the BEST Christmas day I've had in years. I spent the morning opening presents with my Mum, Brother and Step Dad, and then spent the rest of the day with my Dad and Nan. 

I received some absolutely beautiful gifts, which were all so thoughtful and relevant to me. I prefer to give at Christmas, and I love the look on someone's face when you've given them something they really love, but this year I'm sure people must have loved the look on my face because everything was just wonderful. I really am so grateful for everything! 

However, what made it the best Christmas day for me, was that I wasn't anxious at all. I ate what I wanted, enjoyed myself, and even now there is no guilt. I don't feel like I need to justify myself to someone if I say no, nor do I care if I am adding chocolate to my breakfast! It is some what surreal but I am relishing every moment and I really am happy.

In fact, I am enjoying this entire Christmas period. Despite working 37 hours this week, I am meeting up with friends old and new, relaxing by the fire with my family watching Christmas films and I'm slotting in revision for my final Uni exam. And last night, I finalised my plans for New York by booking tickets to see Phantom of the Opera on broadway! 

Yes, Christmas 2014 will be one of those that I'll remember as a great one.


What Taylor Buys said...

Sounds like a lovely day for you and you look so pretty :)

jennie said...

Merry Christmas lovely! <3 xo

Josie said...

I'm so pleased you had a lovely Christmas Sam, you so deserved it x

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