Friday, 21 November 2014

When does money matter?

Yesterday, all of my housemates returned home for a 4 day weekend which meant I have 4 days by myself. Initially, I thought I'd despise being in my own company but today has actually been a lovely break for me and I think I've missed a little 'me' time. I've been to town twice, done a bit of dissertation work and wasted a few hours on Youtube! However, it's definitely not something I crave as much these days, and I definitely prefer it that way.

On Thursday morning, some of my housemates and I managed to get tickets for the S Club 7 reunion tour next year. What better way for 4 twenty-something year old's to relive their childhood? It also coincides brilliantly with my final week of Uni, so it really will be a celebratory night out and quite possibly the last time I see my housemates for a while. But the cost of this night, and the cost of experiences in general got me thinking. When is it that money takes back seat in the decisions we make? 

For me, and I know Thailand is a massive contributor for my newly formed morals and opinions, but I would now definitely prefer to pay for an experience over a new pair of jeans or make up. In fact, looking back to before Thailand, I would spend so much money on new beauty products, clothes and random tat that no one really needs - anyone need an apple slicer?! Thailand was expensive in itself but it was worth every single penny and it really was no object when deciding whether to go or not. Money will always exist, it can always be earned but experiences? Well, who knows if I'll get the chance to ride an elephant, cuddle a tiger or swim in a waterfall again..

I'm not saying that money is no object. I am a student and on the whole, I'm careful with my money. There is no way you'll see me in Waitrose doing my weekly food shop, or buying new perfume from Chanel. Yes, I save for a rainy day and one day hope to have a house etc but if an opportunity to experience something new comes my way, I'll rarely say no. After all, I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, and I don't want to be on my death bed regretting that I didn't live my life. No one regrets not working enough, being the healthiest eater you know, or even saving enough. More that you didn't spend enough time with your family and friends, didn't eat enough ice cream, didn't travel the world. 

I do think the best things in life are free but unfortunately, most things in life do cost money. I believe there is a need for balance when it comes to spending money and consequently, enjoying yourself. Memories and experiences are things that no one can ever take from you, whereas that new jumper? Well that could rip tomorrow. 

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Tashiana said...

The S-club 7 tour sounds like a dream come true haha! I agree with you here. Although I've (naturally) never been on who can physically bring herself to fork out for shoes that cost more than they need to, or new items of clothing every week (don't get me start on perfume shopping - nothing annoys me more than department stores!). Saving for rainy days is the best, you kind of feel like you are holding half the world in your hand - money saved is money earned! You can still have fun without splurging all of the time though, I mean - moderation in moderation is a good motto right? It's just a case of not burning the candle at both ends and I guess everyone understands this differently.

So yeah, if it doesn't rip then it would probably shrink in the washing machine :)

Tash x

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