Friday, 7 November 2014

10 Things I have realised this year

1. Friendship isn't something that should require constant work. The best friends are the ones who will pick up from exactly where you left off, rather than moan about how you haven't had time to contact them because god forbid, you have a busy life. They are the ones who can survive great distance, and who are genuinely happy for you and your successes. Rather than being jealous, they actually support you.

2. Having your hair natural is actually very liberating. Your hair will thank you for not burning it every 5 minutes and you won't really care if it rains because hey, your hair is already natural. Not to mention how much time you save on straightening!

3. Travelling is one of the most freeing experiences. There is nothing more satisfying about waking up somewhere new, not knowing what you will see or do that day. It is one of the best feelings I have ever experienced.

4. The older I get, the happier I am. Growing old isn't actually scary, it's exciting and welcomes so many new opportunities. Which leads nicely on..

5. Saying yes to every opportunity is the best thing you can do. If you don't like it, you can stop or pull out, but chances are you'll have the time of your life.

6. Peanut butter isn't scary, it's actually really good for you. It's full of healthy fats, makes your skin glow, provides you with energy and satisfies your hunger. I am now addicted.

7. Comparing is the most pointless activity on the planet. There will always be some one who is thinner, taller, more intelligent, prettier.. you get the idea. However, as soon as you start focusing on yourself and stop giving a flying f*ck about anyone else, you'll be one million times happier.

8. I am not as independent as I thought I was, and that is OK. Family and friends are much more important than trying to prove to the rest of the world that you are a strong, hard working, stone cold wonder woman. 

9. I have actually done extremely well over the past few years and I'm allowed to be proud of that, rather than ashamed. People look up to me, and yes it's overwhelming, but it's much better to take compliments gracefully rather than fight back and tell someone it's not true. Let's be honest, it's so annoying when you compliment someone and they say 'don't be stupid' or 'I don't feel it'. 

10. Eating a chocolate bar everyday won't make you fat. I do it most days and yep, my jeans still fit!


Jasmin Charlotte said...

I totally agree with pretty much all of these! Except peanut butter, it isn't my friend. But especially number 1, I have been moving all over the place and starting a new, much more intense job so the friends that have stuck by and haven't commented that I cant see them every week like I used to have been the most important. And when I do see them, we just pick up right where we left off! xx

Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

Polly Rowan said...

I love the first one. I have a couple of friends that make me feel so guilty when I don't see them on a weekly basis and it just makes the whole thing feel like a burden instead of a fun friendship!

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