Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Hello October

I think October is my favourite month of the year. I adore the sunshine beaming down on the trees, highlighting the autumnal colours. I love seeing conkers as they remind me of the days I spent with my Dad and brother, collecting millions only to throw them over the fence as we didn't know what to do with them any more. I love that it's now perfectly acceptable to come home from Uni at 4pm and immediately change into pyjamas, drink hot chocolate and burn my 'Fireside Treats' candle. Yes, I do love October.

It's only Wednesday, but as far as Uni goes, my week is over. I am quite fortunate of my job at the moment, as having 5 days a week purely for Uni work seems a bit unnecessary right now. However, I'm sure as deadlines creep closer, I shall cherish all the time I can get. My time at Uni this week has been productive though - I have been introduced to new modules and I'm very happy with the content that I shall be learning. I have also been to two successful meetings, one with my dissertation supervisor and one with my personal tutor. I already feel raring to go with my dissertation now, which may seem very over prepared but I hate stress, so it's definitely right for me.

I have been met with a few doubts this week but have been overwhelmed by how kind people have been to me. Comments including how well I look, and how I'm glowing would have previously caused anxiety, but now I am embracing the compliments and actually feel proud of them. Not to forget how awake and alive I feel. I am no longer struggling to concentrate in lectures, and stayed up laughing and dancing with my housemates to some old yet brilliant tunes. Who'd have thought I'd be yee-haaing to 'Cotton Eyed Joe' at 11pm last night? Either way, that's how I want to remember my final year of Uni!


Amy-Louise said...

I can only hope that one day I'll reach this point <3

jennie said...

Fireside treats is the loveliest scent! I hope you have a wonderful October lovely lady! <3 xx

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