Monday, 8 September 2014

Raspberry & White Chocolate Blondies

Today I did something that I've not done in years - I baked some delicious treats. I bought a recipe book during recovery and never actually used it so thought it was time to end that stupidity. I chose a recipe but changed the flavours to my favourite fruit, raspberry instead of strawberry and pistachio (and increased the amount of fruit which did result in a soggy bottom!). The outcome, although not perfect, was still a delicious one! I've included the recipe, with the correct amount of fruit. I'll definitely learn from my mistakes..

75g Unsalted Butter
175g White Chocolate
75g Caster Sugar
3 Eggs
3 Tbl spoon Plain Flour
1 Tbl spoon Baking Powder
Pinch of salt
100g Raspberries

1. Preheat the oven to 170C (150C Fan), Gas mark 3. Grease line a baking tin.
2. Melt butter in a small pan, on a low heat. Once melted, remove from heat and add white chocolate to melt
3. Whisk eggs in a bowl. Add sugar and whisk until the mixture is mousse like - a quick test to see if it's whisked enough is see if the mixture can stay on a spoon for 5 seconds (or longer!)
4. Stir and blend the butter and white chocolate (I had to melt the chocolate on the heat for a bit extra), and then gently fold into the mixture. Also fold in the flour, baking powder and pinch of salt.
5. Finally, fold raspberries into the mixture. Then gently spoon into the baking tin and place into the oven for 30-35 mins. The recipe makes 8-16, depending on how big you'd like them.



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Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

Even if you did get a little bit of a soggy bottom, if they were a delicious, that is a victory in my book.
Looking forward to seeing your next baking experiment!

Gems x
Fashion, Well Done

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