Saturday, 20 September 2014

CATs the Musical

My first love in life has always been musicals. Before going to Uni, I was a member of a musical society, jazz singer and part of a choir that toured Europe. I absolutely love to sing and dance! It's a little sad that I had to stop really, mostly due to lack of energy and enthusiasm for life, but these days I find myself singing and dancing again whilst waiting for my kettle to boil!

Back in February, it was one of my best friends Birthday and I bought her tickets to see CATs with me at Birmingham Hippodrome. She is also a musical lover, and still performs in the society we met, so it was the perfect night out for us both. I decided to make an effort and wear my new duster coat, with my favourite dress (forever pretending to be fashionable!). We began the night in Wetherspoons, accompanied by burgers and chips, laughter and a long overdue catch up, before heading to the theatre.

The show was absolutely incredible. CATs has never been a favourite of mine as there is no plot really. It's all based on poems written by T. S. Eliot, so can get a little confusing BUT if you can look past that, you are left with the most amazing songs, dances moves you've probably never dreamed of and incredible costumes. The entire cast are cats, so they are all unbelievably flexible and dressed in extremely tight leotards.. so when you're faced with dancers legs above their heads - let's just say that some of the men caught our attention ;) Ice cream had to be eaten at the interval, just to cool us down! Any excuse.. ;)

It was definitely one of those evenings to treasure. Seeing a show with good company isn't a rare occasion for me, but being happy and content within myself is something I am beginning to embrace more and more. Living life in the present is something I am constantly training myself to do, and last night I managed that wonderfully.

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Josie said...

I've never really been a fan of musicals (apart from The Lion King, seen it three times haha) but CATs is one of the few that I'd actually like to see! Glad you had a fab night and I love the coat! x

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