Sunday, 14 September 2014

Au Natural

I think it's only normal to experience a change in the way you think about certain things, when you go and live in a completely different place, with completely different values. I know I went to Thailand for what I assume were different reasons to many other of the volunteers, but my attitude towards food isn't the only thing that changed.

I'm not saying I can now live without all things western - internet is one thing, I am ashamed to say, that I can not live without. But one big change for me, is my attitude towards my appearance. Before going to Thailand, I was a girl who would not been seen in public without a little make up. Usually though, it would be a lot of make up - usually far too much. I enjoy applying make up, and I am proud of some of the pieces that I saved for - especially Chanel polishes and the Urban Decay palettes! Not only make up, but as someone who has naturally big, wavy hair, I could not leave without straightening it..

However, since being back, I have had no desire to do either of these things. In Thailand, it felt good to be completely natural. My skin felt fresh and my hair definitely thanked me for the lack of artificial heat. So, I've kept it up. I've only worn mascara and eyeliner, and my hair has been natural. And, you know what? I actually prefer it! I have waaaay more time in the morning to do other things, and I've received so many compliments! 

It got me thinking as to why I even wore make up in the first place? I think make up is something that definitely makes a woman appear more professional in today's society but it's also used to cover up insecurities. I think, for me it was a bit of both. Maybe I wanted to hide away and appear more grown up at the same time? I know I used to long to wear make up for ages, admiring woman who applied it so well. I'd envy those who had fantastic winged liner and bold red lips because I felt like they were both skilled and really looked after their appearance. But actually, maybe it's the women without much make up that I should be admiring. They feel confident enough to show people who they really are - and actually, I think I'd like to be one of those people too.


Josie said...

I think make up can be so much fun but for most of us less is definitely more! Especially for you Sam, you're such a natural beauty. Also, your hair is SO pretty curly. I regularly go make up free because I can lazy about applying and removing it, even on the blog sometimes I'm not wearing any and it doesn't even feel liberating any more, it just feels normal. When I wear it now it's not because I want to hide it's just because it's fun getting ready :) x

Josie’s Journal

Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

Your hair is lovely like that. I would love to have so much body in my hair - it is definitely a crime to staighten something so beautiful. Although on the blog I always wear make up, in day to day life I often go without, If people don't like it they don't have to look. But seriously, how much do your eyes pop without lots of makeup to distract from them? Gorgeous!

Gems x
Fashion, Well Done

hayleyeszti said...

I rarely wear makeup, it saves me time and energy in the morning and I love feeling free and that my skin can breathe. I do of course still wear makeup and enjoy it, but day to day I'm not really bothered. You're lucky with your hair, mine tends to need a bit of TLC in the morning, I wish I could just wake up with a perfect head of natural hair!


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