Saturday, 2 August 2014

Elephant trekking & Mok Fah Waterfall

Today has been simply incredible. After a few days of feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed, I started the day in the best way - pancakes and fresh pineapple, which may not be traditional thai but they were delicious nonetheless.

Soon after, a group of 5 of us were whisked away to an elephant camp. We learnt about how to command elephants, fed them, trekked in the jungle on them and finally, bathed them. I cannot describe about amazing it was to ride an elephant. Adrenaline literally pumping though your body along with fear! I also picked the naughtiest elephant as half way into the jungle, he decided to climb a tree leaving me practically horizontal, holding on for dear life! A memory I shall never forget.

On our way back, we stopped at Mok Fah Waterfall. It was simply beautiful. All 5 of us ran into the waterfall, and it was just amazing. (I don't have pictures of this yet but will post when I do!).

It really has been an amazing day.


Josie said...

Wow Sam, what an experience! Don't think I'd fancy that tree incident though haha. What an amazing day x

Josie’s Journal

Unknown said...

Omg why am I not there with you! I'm so jealous. The tree incident sounds hilarious yet terrifying! I'm glad you're having an amazing time!


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