Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Color Run

You know when you just have a good day and you want to document it? Today was like that for me :-) 

Once again I've been in Manchester, but this time to take part in the Color Run with Beckie. I was woken up quite early but didn't mind too much as I am kinda beginning to think that the earlier you get up, the more of the day you have? (Not too early though...) My Mum came along on the train with me, and kindly held our bags whilst we ran around the course. If you've never heard of the Color Run, it's basically 5k with 4 paint stations, and at those stations, you get covered in paint! Luckily we had good weather and it made for a really fun race. Beckie had work straight after, so my Mum and I went to pizza express for lunch and then wandered around Manchester. I shall add that I did this whilst rocking the paint all over my face and clothes look! I managed to get a backpack and coin purse in the sale, for my Thailand trip (which is only 13 days away), and we had a really good day :-) 

Oh, and here are the stupid photos from today. I look bald on one of them, which my Mum found hilarious. I think I've only included it on here to make you lot smile...

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