Monday, 30 June 2014


Today my best friend from Uni came to see me in my home town. Usually I go to her as she lives in Manchester, and there is so much more to do there, but as we have a cinema and a few shops, today it was in my neck of the woods!

Ever since I'd heard that The Fault In Our Stars was being made into a film, I knew it was one I'd have to see. I read the book many years ago, without even realising it was a big YA novel, and instantly fell in love with it so I thought the film would be also amazing. Having heard many great things and watched many vlogs about how great it was, I expected a phenomenal tear jerker.

I must admit, I'm not someone who cries easily - I'm always the one who gets told I have a heart of stone - but I really was disappointed with the movie. In fact, even my best friend wasn't that emotional about it! I don't know, maybe we are just cold but I don't think the film does the book much justice at all. I definitely recommend the book but the film just wasn't to my liking! I'm probably a harsh judge...

However, all was not lost as we enjoyed a delicious meal at my local burger restaurant before she left to go home! I then decided to walk back from town along the canal. I'd forgotten how nice it is to just walk with your headphones in, in the sun. For the first time, in a very long time, I actually felt content. Content with myself and my life. Even though my life isn't perfect and there are areas which could be better, it is days like today that remind me that actually, my life is really rather grand :-)

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Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

I'm not a fan of tear-jerker movies, I just don't often connect with them. The only one I like was 'The Lovely Bones' I think the film did the book justice and I really sobbed at the end, but not just sad tears but happy tears too.
I'm so glad you had a good day and felt really content - I love it when that feeling comes in out of nowhere.

Gems x

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