Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Organ Donation

I'm not entirely sure why I have become passionate enough to write about this topic, but I guess recent events and my recent 'feel the fear and do it anyway' attitude, probably have something to do with it!

A few weeks ago, I actually signed up to be an organ donor. I know this is a controversial topic and many people hold various opinions, but I really do think we should all do this. However, imagine you are unfortunate enough to develop kidney failure - you'd want a new kidney right? You would hope that someone would be a match, and you'd want a kidney transplant. I know I would! So, if I'm willing to accept then really, I should be willing to do the same for someone else. It's the old give and take scenario!

Also, if I am dead, I really don't need my organs. Surely, it would be much better for my organs (if they're healthy enough!) to be put to good use? For example, I don't think she will mind me saying, but one of my favourite bloggers Josie has cystic fibrosis - so if she could have my lungs (that I wouldn't need because I am not alive), then I personally would be much happier knowing that I've given a lovely person a better quality of life!

Some would argue that cutting me up isn't nice for family, but in reality we're either buried or cremated anyway. No one is going to see me and either way, my organs will effectively end up rotting or as ash, which isn't exactly pleasant!

So, I really urge you to go and sign up to be an organ donor. Make it your good deed of today :-)


Josie said...

Brilliant post Sam, well done for raising awareness of such an important issue! It's such a good post, you're so right...if you'd be willing to take one then you should be willing to give! And thank you for saying you would give me lungs haha <3 my organs are nearly all a bit rubbish so I would give books? (I'm sorry, I won't part with my Mulberry's for no one, when I go to the grave they're coming with me loool) xxx

Josie’s Journal

hannah said...

This is a great post, putting it across in this way really simplifies it and makes it so much easier to comprehend I think. I'm an organ donor (because of Josie and her efforts to raise awareness!) & I think if even one person signs up as a result of this post then it was worth it :) xxx

Amy-Louise said...

I signed up to be an organ donor a few years ago now and also donate blood on a regular basis - both are things so small and yet can save lives and I'm always trying to urge people to sign up. Great post, Sam. Xxx

megcasson said...

Really great post!

dsfsdfg said...

This is something everyone should do but it is kinda nerve wracking actually signing up to do it
I keep putting it off, I really need to just get in there and do it

Well done for writing such a great post that raises awareness xxxx

Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

I am an organ donor, and after I die I plan on donating my body to science. I wont need it, so it would feel like a bit of a waste if something didn't come of it!
I love that you decided to write about something somewhat controversial!

Gems x
Fashion, Well Done

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