Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Charlotte's Helix

Today I did quite a good thing. I proudly rolled up my sleeve for science and donated my DNA to the Charlotte's Helix Project :)

The project has been inspired by Charlotte Bevan, who was a huge eating disorder advocate, but sadly passed away from terminal cancer. The aim is to collect 1000 DNA samples from the UK, which will be added to the AN25K - an international collaboration to source 25,000 DNA samples from Anorexia patients and former Anorexia patients. These samples will then be used to try and understand why some people are predisposed to eating disorders. It is largely suggested that eating disorders are genetic, so this research could help to find out what makes this happen, which will then lead to better insight and treatments.

I went back to my old Eating Disorder Unit to give my blood donation. It felt very weird being back to be honest, and I didn't like it one bit but the blood sample was fine as well. It's a quick, easy procedure where you fill 4 small test tubes, and then you're done. It didn't hurt and I didn't pass out (I was close), which is always a bonus when you're me! 

I the 57th person to donate my DNA to this research, and I am quite proud of this! But, obviously there is still a fair way to go, so if you want to read more about it or think you would want to donate, you can find out more here

After the donation, I then walked into town and treated myself to a Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino from Starbucks ;-)

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Josie said...

That sounds like a really interesting project...such a good idea! I know how much you hate needles so I'm super proud of you Sam! You deffo deserved the Starbucks ;) x

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