Thursday, 22 May 2014

This ain't cute!

I realise by writing this, that I could cause some controversy as I feel like I am the only person who doesn't name their eating disorder but oh well, it's my blog ;)

Recently, and I'm not sure why now really because it's always been this way, but I have found myself becoming more freaked out by people to referring to their eating disorders as Ana, Mia and Ed. These names, to me, could also be used as teddy bear names that children use - something that is cuddly and cute.

Let me tell you, eating disorders ain't cute.

I get why naming your eating disorder can be a helpful technique. It is a way of making yourself accountable and distinguishing between your real thoughts and your eating disorders thoughts. But quite frankly, even that feels weird to write. Eating disorders aren't people with thoughts, they are deadly illnesses. In my opinion, they do not deserve names or to be personified.

Secondly, I am not two people. I am 100% Sam. Yes, some of my wires are a bit disordered and faulty but that does not make me Sam and Ana, or Sam and Ed. I am responsible for my own thoughts and the sooner I take responsibility, the sooner I recover. The amount of times I've heard 'well Ana says this' or 'Ed says that' is ridiculous. I just think the longer people blame Ana or Ed for their thoughts, the longer this goes on.

Maybe it is just me who is fed up of hearing these nicknames, but I really do wish we could just stop making eating disorders sound all pretty and delightful. They are anything but.


Tanya Beetham said...

I'm glad you've written this, and I totally get you - I could never put a name to it either

Amy-Louise said...

Yes yes yes. Amen sister. Agree with all of your comments and Tanyas :)

Sarah Robertson said...

I must admit, I put a name to mine. But never as a friend - or use it as an excuse - more as separating gave me a RESPONSIBILTY to make healthy choices. But there is nothing more annoying than people developing friendly personification - it should be to give you something got fight. Plus, as you know the whole 'yummy points' is what narks me off. Life is not full of quaint little phrases - you are eating calories for Christ sake, not yummy points. You can't avoid real life in recovery, so people need to stop trying to!

Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

I do agree with you so some extent, but it a way I can see how it can take a way of a bit of the fear. I take quite a bit of medication for mental health problems and I call them my 'Crazy Pills' instead of my anti depressants and anti anxiety meds because it makes me feel more normal. I know its an illness and i fight it everyday, but I want to be able to laugh about it in my own way too - it a little victory for me.

Gems x
Fashion, Well Done

hannah said...

I'm so glad you've posted this - sometimes I'll happen across an Instagram account and it will be someone with an eating disorder who gives it a name like you've said. But these people are usually (stress, usually!) pro eating disorder and encouraging others along the same path. I guess that everyone is different, as is each different eating disorder each individual experiences. To an outsider though, it seems that giving it a name is personifying it and almost making it a friend, which could only hinder recovery I think. xxx

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