Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Thank you!

So last night whilst watching Harry Potter revising, I received two emails - both of which were donations to my justgiving page for Thailand. Long story short..

This post is just to say a HUGE thank you to anyone who donated, shared my page, tweeted or even blogged about me. I could never have raised this much without your help and I really can't thank you enough. As a little thank you (not sure how it thanks you but maybe seeing me work hard?), I shall be hitting the streets of Manchester to run 10k on 18th May! I shall keep you updated on how that goes afterwards :-)

Once again, thank you so much. I promise to make this trip the best thing I ever do and make sure that nothing holds me back.

1 comment

hannah said...

Congratulations Sam!! That's wonderful news, I'm so pleased for you :) good luck with your run, hope the training is going well!! xxx

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