Thursday, 1 May 2014

Recovery moments

Today has been one of those days in which you know that fighting for recovery is 100% worth it. My good friend, Sarah, came to visit me in my local city, for a day of shopping, sight seeing, chatting and good food. 

I took Sarah around Liverpool, visiting every store possible, attempting to be a good tour guide as we went! I also took her to my favourite place for lunch, Yosushi, somewhere she has never been before. What made this extra special, was that Sarah also has her own demons to face, so the fact we could enjoy this together made for some great moments. 

As Sarah had done this for me, I felt it only fair to challenge myself today too - and what better than having my first ever Krispy Kreme? Why I have waited so long to try one of these is beyond me because it certainly won't be the last! It was also just lovely to be eating a doughnut with a friend on a girlie day out - THAT is what living is.

But, this day wasn't just about food. It was taking a million stupid selfies, it was trying on clothes, it was talking about everything and anything, laughter and friendship. The fact we could enjoy what we wanted just made the day even sweeter. Days like today are rarely seen when you are consumed by an eating disorder, so although this is normal to most other people, today is home to some brilliant memories for me and Sarah. And, I know that this is only the start of many more great days to come.

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